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Oct 13 2017

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180 Sq. Ft. Yosemite Tiny House on Wheels

This is Valley View Tiny House Company s Yosemite tiny house model. This brightly-colored tiny house on wheels is a custom-built home for one of their clients.

The home offers a total of 180 sq. ft. including the sleeping loft. The ground floor is 140 sq. ft. and there s an additional 40 sq. ft. of loft (sleeping) space.

This model starts at $37,500. When you go inside you ll notice the large living area with lots of natural light thanks to the abundance of windows. And there s even a cozy little reading nook with a bay window!

The L-shape kitchen gives you a lot of counter space plus a bar. Head on over to the bathroom and you ll notice a nice sized shower and toilet. If you go on up the ladder and into the sleeping loft you ll find even more windows and a storage spaces for your personal items.

Please enjoy and re-share below. And if you want, let us know what you think of this tiny house on wheels in the comments below. Would you live tiny in this THOW?

180 Sq. Ft. Yosemite Tiny House on Wheels

VIDEO: The Yosemite Tiny House


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Nice home! I could live there

There is a lot to like with this build:
(1) I like the colors because they are happy and festive (also, burglars would not be inclined to make off with your house, either; too easy to spot and track.)
(2) Love the open floor plan; plenty of headroom (for my bear; 6 2 ) .
(3) Love you can get a (Lazy-Boy guest sleeper) sofa in there.
(4) Love the window seat; WAY kewl!
(5) Love, love, love the electric fireplace in front of the sofa; cozy
(6) Nice bathroom; love the shower.
(7) I think I might forgo the back window in the loft and turn the mattress sideways and shove it into the right-hand corner. This would give me a back rest, a light above me to read, and the ability to look out the window and watch it rain or snow.

I m giving this little beauty two thumbs up; good job!

Love this one! I ve always been a fan of shed roofs, and while I prefer my kitchen to run along two opposing sides, I could certainly live with an L-shaped kitchen that s as sweet as this one. I also don t see the need for a sink in the bathroom when the kitchen sink is only a few feet away, so kudos to Valley View for leaving this space open. My only change would be the ceiling, at least in the sleeping loft; not too keen on having a rusty metal ceiling a few feet from my head when I m sleeping. The craftsmanship looks superb, and if this is the starting model at $37,500.00 (although I doubt it is), I might have just found my tiny home builder! Nicely done, Valley View.

I truly LOVE this place! The outside colors are fun, the wood by the reading nook is incredible, what is that anyway? Love that there is a Murphy bed downstairs. Like the kitchen setup with the breakfast bar. All in all, I would give this model 11 stars out of 10!!

This one is perfect!❤️ love the furniture placement and how it makes it look bigger. And the sleeping loft is nice.

I agree with the person that said to turn the mattress that would also allow to put a closet and or storage on the short wall. I do love how this one feels open.

I like the different features of this one. I like the exterior colors which totally change inside to a soothing white, wood and light. Interior colors are perfect. I like the L-shaped kitchen, the window seat and all the windows. Lovely! Unable to do the loft, but I do like it a lot. This is a nice one!

Nice! But, no storage!

it s nice but I would want a murphy bed or something on the 1st floor w a couple slide outs. those are steep steps.

Oh! God! This is very beautiful. I liked it very much. I am very disappointed that in India this kind of houses are not available in which a happy family can live without any trouble safely. Can you advise me where can I buy such a nice house in our country?

This house is lovely I really like the use of pallet piece odds and ends as the accentuation for the walls and kitchen counter base. I am very curious how they put down the top metal roof and fastened it to the rustic metal ceiling inside and if there was insulation between them. Also, I didn t see a sink that one could wash their hands after using the toilet, or is one expected to use the shower for this? That is the only awkward thing about the house.

I like it, Very well put together and thought out. what s more to say?

Very sweet. Only issue is one that too many tiny houses have a couch that does nothing but face the front door, 3 feet away. I m learning that tiny house living is for people who spend 95% of their time not actually IN the tiny house it s just a place to store your (very) few possessions and a shelter at night from the elements. Cushioned surfaces are only for sitting on briefly, apparently.

That said, this is one of the more charming examples!

Nice design/layout with one weighty concern (pun intended):
how does it tow with the majority of its weight on the starboard side. I think someone else mentioned this when it was first posted.

Neat home. My only concern is if the ceiling is also the outside roof, you will have sweating or water dripping in cold climates.

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