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Jun 21 2018

Account – definition of account by The Free Dictionary, account stock.#Account #stock





Past participle: accounted




they have the Blotto account (Advertising) ellos hacen la publicidad de Blotto

to charge sth to sb’s account cargar algo en cuenta a algn

to buy sth on account comprar algo a cuenta

on his account por él, en su nombre

I couldn’t do it on account of my back’s sore no he podido hacerlo porque me duele la espalda

he is accounted an expert se le considera un experto

I should account it a favour if agradecería que .

how do you account for it? ¿cómo lo explica or justifica usted?

I cannot account for it no me lo explico

there’s no accounting for taste(s) sobre gustos no hay nada escrito

everything is now accounted for ya se ha dado cuenta de todo, todo está completo ya

many are still not accounted for aún se desconoce la suerte que han corrido muchas personas

one bomb accounted for the power station una bomba acabó con la central eléctrica

they accounted for three stags mataron tres ciervos

the ship accounted for three enemy aircraft el barco derribó tres aviones enemigos


to settle accounts with sb, to settle one’s accounts with sb (fig) régler ses comptes avec qn account balance

He gave a detailed account of what happened Il a donné un compte rendu détaillé des événements.

to give a good account of oneself (= perform well) faire une bonne prestation

by all accounts, from all accounts au dire de tous

by his own account selon ses dires

Don’t leave on my account Ne pars pas à cause de moi.

We couldn’t go out on account of the bad weather Nous n’avons pas pu sortir à cause du mauvais temps.

to bring sb to account for having done sth amener qn à rendre compte d’avoir fait qch

to be brought to account for sth, to be called to account for sth, to be held to account for sth devoir rendre des comptes pour qch

to be accounted sth (= be thought of as) être considéré(e) comme qch

The evening was accounted a great success La soirée a été considérée comme un grand succès.

Software accounts for over half of our product range Les logiciels représentent plus de la moitié de notre gamme de produits.

If she was ill, that would account for her poor results Si elle était malade, cela expliquerait ses résultats médiocres.

Four people are still not accounted for On n’a toujours pas retrouvé quatre personnes.

All the children were accounted for

BUT Aucun enfant ne manquait.




to give an account of sth fare un resoconto di or una relazione su qc

to keep an account of tenere nota di

to bring or call sb to account for sth/for having done sth chiedere a qn di render conto di qc/per aver fatto qc

to give a good account of o.s. farsi onore, dare un’ottima prova di sé

on his account (for his benefit) per lui

to turn sth to good account trarre profitto da qc

to open an account (with) aprire un conto (presso)

they have the Pirelli account la Pirelli è fra i loro clienti

your account is still outstanding il suo conto non è ancora stato saldato

that accounts for it questo spiega tutto

all the children were accounted for nessun ragazzo mancava all’appello

there’s no accounting for tastes tutti i gusti son gusti

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