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Jul 15 2017

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Get funded in days.

Accounts Receivables (AR) Factoring

We offer this service as a fast and informative alternative to traditional bank loans. If your business has $25,000 or more in accounts receivables for delivered goods, services you have provided, or other company assets, you can qualify.

Our alternative financing solutions offer you access to working capital to meet your individual business requirements and help with company growth, new hires, inventory acquisition, and generalized cash flow. Qualified applicants can receive funds from $25,000 to $4,000,000.

Helping Businesses Get Working Capital

Working capital is essential for a growing business but sometimes it can be a juggling act, particularly when you are first starting out or especially when you are experiencing a growth spurt.

Growth can be tricky! You need capital to help you grow and it can take weeks or even months for clients to pay their B2B invoices, stifling your progress and often your ability to fill subsequent orders for them. United Capital Funding can help you in a number of ways so that you can simply do what you do best — serve your clients. Our experienced and professional is here to help.

How? Some of the ways we serve our clients include: providing funding using your B2B Accounts Receivables as collateral, payroll funding and professional consulting services that help you leverage our expertise.

When it comes to working capital and funding, the United Capital Funding team is experts and we are known for helping companies hit the next level in their quest for success.

Unleash the Value and Power of your Accounts Receivables

Our most popular professional service involves providing working capital using you Accounts Receivables. Simply put, you can sell us your B2B invoices and we provide you funding immediately.

How can this help your business? By factoring your B2B Accounts Receivables [AR][/AR], you can put your capital to work quickly — giving you the ability to expand, hire new employees, take on the big sale instead of having to wait for getting paid, holding back your business’s growth and potentially causing problems with your with suppliers, customers, and employees.

When your customers take their time to pay you, you are the one who waits! Entrepreneurial companies of every size in a wide range of industries have very successfully used our factoring services to grow and prosper.

There are a variety of ways we can help above and beyond providing your business with working capital by factoring your B2b Accounts Receivables.

    • Do you need funding for a big purchase order? We can help find and secure this type of specialized funding for you.
    • Do you need cash flow to help you with expenses and payroll through a sudden growth spurt? We can help here, too.

We are a professional proven source of working capital that can move quickly and we never ask for equity or ownership in your business. Given our unique funding structure with no minimum volume requirements, you remain in control of how much working capital you need.

Serving Companies Nationwide since 1997

We have a proven, impeccable track record of success serving clients of all sizes in a variety of industries. We work with government, service businesses, information technology companies, staffing organizations, and more. We proactively provide client references and have consistently recorded 95% Highest Satisfaction rating from our clients.

Here are just some of our very satisfied client comments and Client Survey results, check them out!

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Our Professional Services Helps Firms like Yours Achieve Success

The road to success is paved with hard work, of course, but we can shorten that road so that you aren’t waiting to get paid for weeks (or months) on end.

Want more information? Want to know if your company qualifies for our proven menu of B2B Accounts Receivables factoring? Feel free to browse our website or get in touch for personalized assistance. Our experienced team at United Capital Funding looks forwarding to serving you soon.

We have provided working capital to our clients by factoring Accounts Receivables from over 80% of the Fortune 500 firms in the world.

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