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Jul 31 2017

Acupuncture Charts Meridian and Auriculotheray Posters #chiropractic #littleton #co

# – the professional resource for acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine. Charts, Books, Articles.

Welcome to Acupuncture Products
Acupuncture Products charts are favorites of students to help learn new topics in traditional chinese medicine. Our posters are great to explain TCM concepts to patients. We have unique human anatomy posters as well as veterinary anatomy charts. View our directory for full list of resources.

Acupuncture and TCM Charts 8.5″ X 11″

Acupuncture Meridian Posters 18″ X 24″

Veterinary Acupuncture Charts and Posters

Equine acupuncture point locations
Dog acupuncture point locations
Cat acupuncture point locations
Veterinary Anatomy charts and posters

Veterinary Anatomy Charts and Posters

Horse and Dog anatomy: muscles, vascular, nervous and skeletal systems
Anatomy of the Cow, Pig and Chicken
Anatomy of the cat: skeleton and skull
Leisering’s Atlas of the Anatomy of the Horse Book Plates

Chiropractic and Health Posters

Chiropractic Sayings Posters
Effects of subluxation, Dermatomes and Peripheral nerves
Autonomic nervous system and Spinal nerves
Sclerotomes and Myifascial pain
Stages of spinal degeneration

Human Anatomy Posters

Spine and vertebrae anatomy
Muscle anatomy: superficial, deep and core muscle
Shoulder, hand and foot anatomy
TMJ muscles and articulations

Quiropr�ctica y la anatom�a de p�sters en Espa�ol

Spanish Chiropractic and Anatomy Posters
Autonomic nervous system
Stages of spinal degeneration
Muscles of the body

Chiropractic Quotes and Sayings Posters

The power that made the body, heals the body.
The benefits of chiropractic care.
Nature needs no help, just no interference.
Signs of Spinal Misalignment

What are people saying about Acupuncture Products Charts?

Jeffery from Spartanburg, SC
Charts are of excellent quality, thanks!

Tawnya from North Reading, MA
Fast shipping. Excellent Product!!

Dervil from Galway Ireland
Thank you for fast delivery and good item

Margaret from Seattle, WA
Chart was spotless. Thank you for a perfect transaction.

Stephen from Littleton, CO
Exactly what I hoped it would be – Thank You

NEWS, Articles and Updates

NEW Five Elements Poster

Five Elements Poster 24″ X 36″
Updated larger poster shows the controling and generating cycle of the five elements along with several tables of associations and point references.

Text Neck Syndrome Poster

Not just a neck problem. When the head is brought forward and the neck bends, the weight on the cervical spine increases.

Large 24″ X 36″ Acupuncture Posters

Two new large format 24″ X 36″ acupuncure meridian and points locations posters.

Horse Acupuncture Point Locations

Updated with larger font on 3 charts. Unique horse acupuncture chart set representing the most commonly used points in acupuncture, over 170 most commonly used points in horse acupuncture. Anatomical point locations with treatment indications for each point. Shows Command points, Alarm points and Associated points.

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