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Oct 12 2017

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Mobile App Advertising Reviews

If you are not ready to deal with advertising, you are probably not ready to promote your app in the emerging mobile market. Even if you have organic traffic, this fact will hardly guarantee a huge number of downloads. The main problem all marketers and developers struggle with deals with application discoverability as well as tackling the retention. Another huge problem developers face is choosing the right monetization strategy that also comes with opting for the most efficient ad model. The freemium model lets app developers make profit whenever users proceed with download or buy a particular application.

Choosing the right advertising partner is a tough challenge as well as opting for the right platform. For this reason, we’ve come up with the following issues making a ease on your time and effort. Follow the most up-to-date commercial trends and bear fruit from the most efficient ones:

Programmatic approach – it comes with the fact that RTB feature appears to be vital for any ad platform. The main mission for every company is to overcome its main rivals in the niche as well as perform a maximum output. The question is how to do that? Programmatic approach increase the level of operational efficiency as you do not have to interfere in the platform manually. In other words, you can benefit from a prize-winning algorithm that runs automatically.

Video Format – the year 2015 has come with the ad revolution bringing video format as the mainstream to the niche. Thousands of user turn to various networks and platforms seeking demonstration videos and teasers. Video ads have turned into a milestone of modern app promotion industry. Such approach features non-intrusive influence on users.

Global Presence – establishing collaboration with other companies is a must for every modern app developer and promoter. It deals with a significant part of efficiency. On the one hand, global partners will let you cover various locations around the world. At the same time, you can take part in panel discussions and meetings.

Value Proposition Articulation – sophisticated products are hard to present. Here you can compare and contrast potential and strength of the leading service providers and tress the main benefits.

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