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Dec 25 2017

Application Requirements for a France Visitor Visa

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Application Requirements for a France Visitor Visa

For any individual planning on visiting France, he/she has to apply for different types of visa with regard to the reason for travel. Since France is a member of the Schengen area, citizens of countries within this area do not require visas to travel to France. These requirements for a France visit visa apply to countries that are not part of the Schengen area or don not have any diplomatic ties with France that allow passage without a visa.

The procedure for application begins with downloading the application form free, after which the applicant is required to fill it completely and sincerely as possible. After that, the applicant also has to attach two passport photographs to the application form which should be recent and should capture definite face features. The applicant is also required to present his/her passport and copies of previous visas, which should be valid for a period of more than three months and must have at least two blank pages. A copy of the return ticket reservation also has to be presented, but it is not recommended to purchase a ticket if one has not received the visa. Additionally, the applicant also has to have travel visa insurance or a minimum of €30,000 that covers France as well as the entire Schengen area that the applicant will be able to travel to. The applicant should also produce a letter that clearly states the purpose of the visit to France. while laying down the itinerary to show details of activates expected to be performed during the stay. Apart from that, there should also be proof of accommodation for his/her entire stay in France. A proof of civil status also has to be presented to immigration officials when required and may include documents such as marriage certificates, death certificate and birth certificates of children. Finally, the applicant also has to prove that he/she has the financial capabilities to sustain him/herself throughout the entire period of his/her stay in the country.

US citizens do not require a visa when intending to travel or stay in the country but must apply for one if they decide to look for journalistic opportunities in France and any of its territories. However, the time period for US citizens to stay in France without a visa is limited to 90 days, after which the individual will be required to apply for one.

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