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May 17 2018

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Best Forex Strategy To Find Pips On Any Chart

Free forex chart

We ve been testing this popular forex strategy for months with some great results. There are no complicated entry rules or hours of scouring forex charts. Therefore it s the best forex strategy for traders to start with. Users love this strategy because:

  • Any forex trader can use it easily. No previous forex experience is required.
  • Users are reporting dramatic gains and low drawdown.
  • It only takes 5 minutes to get it fully setup and running.

How it came to be

As much as we d like to take all the credit, this strategy isn t ours. It seems like a group of users stumbled upon it by accident. And they were kind enough to share it with us via email. Its concept is simple and relies on one important thing. When Odin and HAS are used together at the same time something powerful happens.

Why it works: The odd couple effect

Odin is an all around work horse. So it finds a lot of grid trades on forex charts. HAS is a trend trader. It finds slow, reliable trends. Both of these styles compliment each other greatly because they are exact opposites. As a result you get what s called perfect signal balance .

Free forex chart

Odin is a brand new automated forex robot with features that no other EA currently has. It uses a highly accurate grid strategy to find great trades in your forex terminal. When combined with HAS it becomes a powerhouse.

What you ll need

  • The MetaTrader 4 Trading Platform
  • The Odin Forex Robot
  • The HAS Forex Robot
  • 5 Minutes To Set It Up

If you don t have these robots you re in luck. See the bottom of this article for more info.

Setting up the best forex strategy ever

Start by opening MetaTrader 4. Choose four pairs with low spreads and open their charts. Attach Odin to these four pairs. Next, choose another four currency pairs not already being traded by Odin. Attach HAS to those four pairs.

Free forex chart

Big trend trades like this are what HAS is all about. It becomes unstoppable when paired with Odin .

Sit back and watch it unfold

Leave MT4 open and running 24 hours a day, five days a week. You ll start seeing some amazing forex trades on your account. It s literally that easy. That s what makes it the best forex strategy ever.

P.S. We ve got a special deal for you

In light of this awesome strategy we have a special going on. When you download Odin this week you ll receive a free secondary robot of your choice. That means you can get HAS for free. Typically Odin s licences sell out due to demand. Get your copy before someone else does.

Download Odin Now

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