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Aug 31 2017

Best State to Incorporate – Ratings and Costs #article #of #incorporation #delaware


Best State to Incorporate

Shopping for a State in which to incorporate? We ve analyzed the filing fees, privacy laws, and filing burdens for all 50 states.

we favor low fees, low hassles and maximum privacy. Read on to learn more each state s individual requirements and fees in our fifty state report card and pick the best state to start your business in our ultimate guide to incorporation found right here at GimmeLaw.

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Now Let s Dig Deeper Into the Data: Top States to Incorporate (and Why)

Our Winner: Wyoming

  • $100 basic corporation filing fee
  • Pro-privacy and extremely low taxation
  • Imposes only minimal annual fee of $50
  • Most hassle-free and low expense corporation state in the nation
  • Non-profit tax research group, the Tax Foundation, voted Wyoming “the most business-friendly tax system of any state”

Strong Second: Nevada

  • $75 basic corporation filing fee
  • No information sharing agreement with the IRS
  • Minimal reporting and disclosure obligations upon owners and managers
  • Traditionally pro-privacy and low-tax
  • Nevada carries only a slightly higher ongoing cost compared to Wyoming

Strong Third: Delaware

  • $89 basic corporation filing fee
  • Great privacy protections with familiar, sensible laws
  • Best choice for owners that want to take their company all the way to Wall Street
  • Annual franchise tax can be confusing

Runner Up: Montana

  • $70 minimum corporation filing fee
  • Low taxes, fees and reporting burdens

Runner Up: Florida

  • $70 basic corporation filing fee
  • Best website and online services in the nation–it offers a searchable database of documents. Filings can be done online in seconds.

Worth Mention: New Mexico Invisible LLC

  • Offers “Invisible LLC” – a New Mexico LLC that does not require any public disclosure of either officers or owners–the most private LLC available in the US

The Complete 50-State Corporation Report Card

The following table is an at-a-glance summary of the favorability of various state laws. We examined the state corporation laws of all 50 states, their periodic reporting burdens, taxation burdens, filing fees in order to get a quick overview of how favorable or in the alternative burdensome each state s laws are. Enjoy.

It s our Corporation Law State-by-State Report Card.

Minimum Corporation Filing Fee

[ ] We have all seen the advertisements touting incorporation services in a particular state. These advertisements appear in media ranging from airline magazines to internet ads. Indeed, in the past thirty years, states have risen to challenge Delaware s prominence as America s most popular corporate haven. Specifically, Nevada and Wyoming have been most aggressive in enticing entrepreneurs and businesspersons to incorporate under their state flag. As we will see, Nevada and Wyoming have succeeded. (For our 50-state incorporation report card, read Best State for Incorporation). [ ]

[ ] filing requirements, and of course, tax burden. (For our 50-state incorporation report card, read Best State for Incorporation). What follows are our picks for the worst states for incorporation in the nation. Please keep in [ ]

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