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Aug 15 2017

Chicago, IL Car – Auto Accident Lawyer: Chicago Injury Center #car #accident #lawyers #chicago


Chicago Car Crash Injury Lawyers

Most people are oblivious to the dangers and risks that exist every time they get into a vehicle and the thought of being in a car accident couldn’t be farther from their minds. New technologies continue to make driving safer but there is still the possibility of severe injury during an auto accident, regardless of the speed of the car and any other motor vehicle at the time of impact. If you have been unfortunate enough to have been injured in a wreck, it is important to speak with a Chicago car accident lawyer immediately in order to quickly determine which party was at fault and whether you are entitled to compensation for your medical care and pain and suffering. The Chicago Injury Center is the leading personal injury law firm for protecting the legal rights of those injured in auto accidents and is available to connect you with the personal injury lawyer that will best handle your case.

Injuries Sustained by People in Car Accidents

Collisions between motor vehicles are the leading cause of death in the nation with the majority of severe injuries and deaths occurring from injuries sustained in high speed impacts. Medical bills that result from these injuries can place a sudden financial burden on the victim and the person injured due to the negligent act of another should never need to have to worry about how he or she will afford the cost of recovery. The most common injuries that occur in auto collisions include the following.

  • Lacerations
  • Simple and compound fractures and shattered bones that may require surgical procedures and medical devices to repair properly
  • Injuries to the spine or back that can cause temporary or permanent paralysis
  • Trauma to the head that may or may not result in brain damage
  • Burns
  • Fatalities

Car Accident Attorneys Who Will Get You What You Are Entitled To Under Illinois Law

Illinois injury law dictates that the at fault party in an auto accident is liable for the cost of the victim’s medical bills, the damage to his or her property, time off of work and pain and suffering. Insurance companies often attempt to settle an accident claim before the case can be brought to court, but it is important that you have any offer reviewed by an attorney. A qualified personal injury lawyer will be able to properly evaluate the costs associated with your accident and seek appropriate compensation so that you are able to pay for your recovery.

Get Help Today From Chicago Car Accident Attorneys Who Will Maximize The Value Of Your Case To The Fullest Extent

Many accidents cause injuries that affect the quality of the victim’s life for a long time. The Illinois car accident attorneys at the Chicago Injury Center have access to experts in the fields of accident reconstruction and medicine as well as economists and life care planners that are able to provide testimony to support the value of your case so that we can secure the highest amount of damages allowed by law. By supporting our assessment of the value of your case, these witnesses can make it difficult for insurance companies to avoid or limit their financial obligations.

Our unrivaled experience settling, litigating and arbitrating serious car accident cases in Chicago, Illinois gives us the unique perspective to know what your case is really worth. While the decision to resolve a case is ultimately yours, you can count on the fact that our lawyers have successfully resolved thousands of Illinois auto accident cases involving all different insurance carriers and degrees of injury. Before you consider speaking to an insurance adjuster consider discussing your matter with an attorney who can give you a concise evaluation of your case and legal options.

If you have been injured in a Chicago car accident. contact us today to speak with a knowledgeable and experienced auto accident lawyer and arrange a free consultation. We will never require payment unless we are able to help recover damages on your behalf.

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