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Aug 23 2017

Chinese Herbal Creams for Treatment and Symptomatic Cure of Common Skin Disorders #psoriasis #in #chinese,


Chinese Herbal Symptomatic Cures

Traditional Chinese Herbal analogs are now considered a legitimate alternative to expensive Western prescriptions. Client Reviews. Its true, many pharmaceuticals are actually isolated active ingredients to already known remedies. Our Chinese Herbal Night Eye Cream will reduce signs of aging and provide you a youthful appearance. Quickly stop the recurrence of cold sores and protect your lips from adverse elements with our Chinese Lip Balm. Many eczema prescriptions are steroid based but our once daily Chinese Topical Eczema Treatment is steroid free. Our Chinese herbal products are formulated by a practicing physician trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

The results are guaranteed with a 90 day Money Back promise. Our Chinese Herbal Products are inexpensive compared to prescription analogs. Chinese Herbal Eczema Cure, Night Eye Rejuvenating Cream, and Chinese Lip Balm are great to have handy in your medicine cabinet. The Cycle Diet Low Carb Weight Loss Longevity Handbook and also available as an electronic book. No one else carries our proprietary herbal compounds and Chinese formulation which makes a difference. Made in the USA.

Chinese Lip balm

Traditional Chinese Herbal Topical Lip Balm that promotes and maintains Healthy Beautiful Lips while providing a Protective Barrier against environmental elements, bacteria and virus. Since 1999, the combination of Prunella with moisture locking elements keep you Simplex Free and Beautiful protected Lips.

Chinese Eczema Cream

Yang Zhi Herbal Eczema Cream is an effective Non-Steroid Once-A-Day treatment for Psoriasis, Eczema, and Atopic Dermatitis. For Eczema and Atopic Dermatitis the treatment duration is typically three days while vesicular dermatitis of the palms and fingers as well as singular Psoriasis plaques may require a week for resolution.

Chinese Night Eye Cream

First Traditional Chinese Herbal Intensive Night Eye Treatment that repairs fine wrinkles and reduces the effect of aging. Our dual-herb based treatment uses centuries of Eastern knowledge and modern dermatological study to heal wrinkles effectively and inexpensively. True cellular rejuvination does not happen overnight. Yang Zhi Herbal’s Traditional Chinese Formulation is known to extract aging toxins over time.

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