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Aug 13 2017

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Concurrent OEM/MBA

The OEM program is an excellent preparation for a management career in the technical realm, since it combines important technical skills with a solid preparation in business fundamentals. Many OEM graduates have seen the advantage of getting an MBA degree in addition to the degree awarded through the OEM program. Through an innovative program, students are able to probe deeper into the core business subjects and develop new business expertise by building on the OEM coursework to earn concurrently both the OEM and MBA degrees. The MBA curriculum provides advanced skills in areas such as finance, marketing, logistics, international business, and strategy. In the MBA portion of the concurrent program, following a year of OEM coursework, you will team with business professionals from a variety of backgrounds, including those with experience in accounting, finance, marketing and operations. This additional training provides an excellent foundation for those aspiring to senior management.

OEM applicants do not have to decide whether or not they will apply for the concurrent degree option until they are in their fourth semester of the OEM program. Upon acceptance and admission into the MBA program, concurrent degree students take the MBA courses for the next three semesters (12 months) via a slightly modified version of either the Online MBA or Professional MBA program. The Online MBA requires one campus visit per semester to take exams and interact with fellow students and MBA faculty. The Professional MBA requires one campus visit each month. Concurrent degree students are exempted from attending the one-week Foundations Review course that is normally required of MBA students during Orientation. The student has a choice of completing the OEM Master s Project course in either the fifth or the eighth (final) semester. In either case, both degrees are conferred simultaneously following the completion of the eighth semester.

Students who choose to finish the OEM program and wait for some period of time before enrolling in the MBA program are still eligible to apply for a shortened MBA option, but the duration (16 months) and number of courses required in that case would be greater than what is available by participation in the concurrent degree option.

More details about the structure of this program, as well as the curriculum and application requirements, are included below.

4 semesters of OEM (weekend format)
3 semesters of MBA (via Online MBA or Professional MBA )
1 final semester concludes OEM MBA

Both degrees are awarded at the end of eight (8) semesters.

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