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Nov 14 2017

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers in Florida, Rehabilitation Centers Florida #rehabilitation #florida


It can be disheartening to struggle with a drug or alcohol addiction that one just can’t seem to overcome no matter how hard they try. Or maybe an individual is dealing with a mental health disorder that won’t subside even with the best medication possible. These situations can feel hopeless. However, these instance may be fueled by additional, undiscovered issues. This is known as a dual diagnosis in which an addiction or mental health disorder is worsened or exacerbated by a co-occurring disorder or behavioral health issue. Even better, there is help available for those in these situations.

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The National Association of Mental Illnesses has found that around 37 percent of people who are dealing with an alcohol addiction and 53 percent of those dealing with a drug addiction are also suffering from a mental illness aka a co-occurring disorder. What this means is that no one is alone in their struggle with co-occurring issues. It also means that there is help to be found.

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Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers Florida

The struggle caused by dual diagnosis affects millions of people in the USA alone. Treatment is available for these dealing with a dual diagnosis which can help them regain control of their life and break free of mental illness and addiction. Unfortunately, of the many individuals who have a dual diagnosis, only around 40 percent obtain the treatment they need for all of the issues they are dealing with. That is where we come in.

Dual diagnosis help in florida

The Florida Dual Diagnosis Helpline is here to make sure that those seeking treatment for co-occurring conditions get the help they need. We can help to identify when someone may be struggling with a dual diagnosis, connect them with healthcare providers rehabilitation center who can give them an accurate diagnosis and get them started on the road to recovery.

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