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Jun 13 2017

Excel speedometer dashboard template #dashboard #software #excel


Download the excel speedometer dashboard here and more excel dashboards templates, software, addins and tools for business users

The Excel Speedometer Dashboard template is very easy to use excel software which will help you improve and simplify your dashboard reporting in excel. Excel dashboards users utilize the Speedometer Dashboard to create reports in excel and easily monitor and track their key performance indicators.

This specific kind of excel dashboard reports is very effective for reporting any type of metrics. This excel dashboarding tool enables you to see your metrics and KPIs after you simply enter your numbers in Microsoft Excel. In a second this excel software will adjust to your customized business information.

In addition it customizes depending on your data input and you can see different reporting perspectives of your excel information just easily utilizing the simple drop down features in your Excel. The excel dashboard has 9 gauges that you can use in your reports. This allows you to analyze the crucial metrics and indicators for your company.

Also, you can generate numerous copies of your reports based on your business reporting needs. Right now when you download this product you’ll obtain extra Speedometer so you can create your on-line reports directly from Excel by using a single button to convert your data into an online speedometer report.

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Yes, right now with a ton of additional free excel dashboards included in the business reporting bundle you are getting the speedometer HTML maker for free. This excel tool will create online HTML documents which you will simply share or upload online.

Find out about more excel dashboard creation tools and templates which are currently part of the business reporting bundle for excel users such as interactive excel dashboard, balanced scorecard templates for excel, excel dashboard pro which allows you to create customized excel dashboard templates for your business . and more.

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