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Sep 18 2018

Find a job fast with The Job Factory, Help me find a job, help me

help me find a job

Help me find a job

We Can Help You Find A Job Before Anyone Else Knows Its Exists

The Job Factory offers one of the fastest and easiest ways to find a job in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Canberra, Darwin, Hobart and most regional centres.

Our clients are often the only people who are interviewed for the jobs that they are being considered for, and we are often able to find jobs for clients the same day that we start their job search.

The proof of our stunning success at finding jobs can be seen by visiting our Testimonials page above. You will see hundreds of screenshots from happy clients who have got interviews, jobs and even sponsorship – often within days, commonly within hours, even within minutes.

Our clients are job seekers who want help finding a job. Our aim is to find job vacancies before anyone else ever knows they exist. If our clients are the only person who is interviewed, then they only need to show that they are good enough to do that job – they do not need to be the best out of all of the other applicants.

We are so much better than a recruitment agency

Recruitment agencies don’t come close to matching our success when it comes to finding jobs for the average job seeker.

If you apply for a job that has been advertised or controlled by a recruitment agency you will be forced to compete with hundreds of other applicants. In many cases they will not even read your cover letter or resume because there was so many excellent candidates.

If you wait until a job is advertised or given to a recruitment agency you are simply wasting your time – your chances of getting a job will be 1 in 100 or even 1 in 300 or more. And every single day you remain unemployed you are losing money.

That’s why so many clients asking us to help them find a job. As long as our clients’ skills and qualifications match those being sought by an employer then they are going to have an extremely high chance of being offered the job.

We work for clients who want to jump to the front of the employment queue and maximise their chance of success. We are faster, cheaper and better than any job agency.

How Do We Find Jobs That No One Else Knows About

Our process is simple. Just tell us the type of job that you want – accounting, aged care, administration, engineering, customer service, nursing, IT or any other type of job that you can think of – and we will start sending your cover letter and resume to up to 1500 companies that might have the type of job that you want.

The employers will be as close to the area in which you live – Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide or anywhere else in Australia or New Zealand as you prefer.

So, if you want an accounting job in Melbourne we will give you a list of 1500 random companies, if you want an engineering job in Sydney we will give you a list of engineering, mining and consulting companies in Sydney or if you want an aged care job in Brisbane we will give you a list of about 400 nursing homes.

It does not matter what type of job you want, the strategy is always the same – except that we can’t help with Government, hospitality or retail jobs.

If you want a customer service or administration job in Perth we would give you a list of 1500 generic companies in Perth. If you wanted to find an employer that was willing to sponsor a nurse, we would provide a list of all regional and metropolitan hospitals.

When we send your cover letter and resume to hundreds of companies at once there is a massive chance that one of them will have a vacancy that they have not yet advertised. If an employer has a job vacancy they can contact our clients directly to set up an interview. And if they are the only one who is interviewed they have an amazing change of getting the job.

We only need one to have a position that is not advertised to give our clients an incredible chance of success.

The Easy Way To Find A Job

You no longer have to waste time applying for hundreds of jobs only to receive countless rejection letters. If you ask us to help you find a job, only the employers who are satisfied with your skills, qualifications and experience will contact you.

Our results are amazing. You could have a job tomorrow.

You Will Need An Amazing Cover Letter and Great Resume

Our resume writers are in the top 1% of writers. The Job Factory is owned by Australian journalist Craig Binnie – who worked for more than 20 years at Australia’s largest selling newspaper. He ensures that The Job Factory only employs the best writers.

Our resume writing team is headed by Kaitlyn Moore who has written more than 1000 during her time with The Job Factory. Her resumes have probably led to more job seekers finding jobs than any other resume writer in Australia.

Our writers can:

If you want to find a job fast, contact us.

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