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Jun 7 2018

Find New – Used Cars for Sale, Ford Explorer, Dodge Challenger, Buffalo, NY, second hand cars miami.#Second #hand #cars #miami

RealRides of WNY

For years I ve struggled with trying to tell the difference between cars like this 1962 Cadillac Series Sixty-Two, seen over the summer in Blasdell, and the very similar Sedan DeVille. Finally, after studying literally tens of photos, I realized that the DeVilles are badged as such (usually on the rear quarter panel) while the Sixty-Twos are pretty much incognito. It was on the insides of th

When I came across this 1973 Chrysler Newport Custom a few weeks ago in Ft. Erie, at a glance I thought it was a Chevy Impala. After I took the photo, I realized it was a Chrysler with, I thought to myself, a Chevy Impala grille insert. Wow! I said to no one in particular, that Impala grille fits right into the Chrysler s opening! (Readers, please admit yo

RAREST OF THE RARE — 2017 Ford GT ’66 Heritage Edition

RAREST OF THE RARE 2017 Ford GT 66 Heritage Edition by Jim Corbran Depending on what kind of a crowd you hang out with, it s probably safe to say that most of you (me included) aren t likely to have a chance to come across a new Ford GT in the flesh.Until now.And not only can you see one of just 250 Ford GTs that will be sold world-wide for model year 2017, this is also

THERE’S NO TIRES LIKE SNOW TIRES — in the winter, that is!

THERE S NO TIRES LIKE SNOW TIRES in the winter, that is! by Jim Corbran For years decades even! right about this time of year I climb on my soapbox and espouse the value of snow tires for those of us living in winter wonderlands like Western New York.I ve heard all the arguments against, so don t bother.Don t tell me that with your front-wheel-dri

Second hand cars miami Second hand cars miami Second hand cars miami

Find New and Used Cars for Sale in Buffalo, NY

Buffalo News has been providing quality news to the residents of Buffalo, NY since 1999. Now, we re happy to present our new vehicle platform which will help you find new and used cars in the Buffalo, New York area. Buffalo Cars is your new online destination for cars, trucks or SUVs from reputable dealerships in Buffalo, NY.

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We encourage you to use our convenient search feature which allows you to choose between the make, model, year and location of the vehicles you are looking for. This search feature will allow you to find the dealerships which are closest to your area. The listings on the website are updated regularly, and all of our vehicle listings are informative so as to ensure you get all of the information necessary during the purchasing process. Get started today and find a new or used vehicle in Buffalo, NY!

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