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Nov 3 2017

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Live Vehicle Tracking

Live Vehicle Tracking is for any company with a fleet of 1 vehicle or more.
If you are looking to achieve any of the following?

  • Increase productivity management control
  • Better customer service employee satisfaction
  • Reduce fuel bills communication costs

Then RAM can help you!

Ram Tracking is the leading provider of vehicle tracking systems to support small or large fleets of vehicles.

Our fixed price industry leading vehicle tracking is simple.

RAM systems are supplied with no upfront fee, just a fixed monthly price. including:

  • Full and comprehensive maintenance
  • Complete technical support
  • Full installation
  • Unparalleled service
  • All airtime charges

We fit each of your vehicles with a GPS unit. This unit relays positional, speed and other data back to RAM’s servers every few seconds using GPRS technology via mobile phone networks. This data is then presented to you in real-time using easy to understand maps and reports accessible from any computer with an internet connection and a web browser.

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RAM Live Tracking Product Benefits


  • Our interface and reports are the simplest and easiest to use in the industry without sacrificing functionality!
  • Our systems are supplied for a fixed price including full warranty, technical installation support and service.
  • Receive total peace of mind knowing that RAM already provides vehicle tracking systems to over 3000 clients globally.
  • View your vehicles location, speed and status in real time. 24 hours a day.
  • Access reports and maps using any web browser. You do not need to have software installed on each computer.
  • All data is hosted and stored by RAM servers so no expensive IT overheads for you.
  • Maintenance and upgrades to the hardware and software are our responsibility. not yours.
  • View vehicle locations using a comprehensive map or actual satellite photographs.
  • You can set alerts and alarms. For example ‘vehicle moved’ or ‘vehicle entered zone’.
  • You get market leading support and training

Get Your No Obligation Free Instant Quote from RAM today and see how you and your business could benefit.

Need More Information?


Can’t make your mind up? RAM can help you with that too. Simply download the Buyer’s Guide and Info Pack.
Questions Answered in the Buyer’s Guide:

  • Which 13 mistakes to avoid when buying vehicle tracking.
  • What vehicle tracking prices should be.
  • Benefits of vehicle tracking!

Topics Covered in the Info Pack:

  • Our fleet software interface .
  • Live vehicle movements on our mapping software.
  • Historical tracking reports for timesheets, private mileage, time on site spreadsheets.
  • Real-time alerts alarms.
  • Tracking the nearest Vehicle.
  • Live traffic information interface .

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