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Sep 13 2017

Heritage Treatment Foundation Alcohol & Drug Rehab Center, Providing affordable, confidential, and quality residential treatment


Welcome to Heritage Treatment FoundationRehab center in illinois

Heritage Treatment Foundation, is a Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre offering specialized care within a beautiful, private and relaxed environment. All clients are provided with their own prнvate and spacious room with bath.

We provide clients with an alternative to 12-step programs. Our holistic approach to recovery focuses on the body mind and spirit. Recovery is maintained because Heritage Treatment Foundation not only treats addiction issues but the person as a whole. Heritage provides specialized programs that many other rehabs do not. Suboxone or Methadone treatment, for example is difficult to find and integrate with rehab treatment. Using these medications, where appropriate, alongside rehab treatment, has assisted our clients to achieve their reduction goals.

Heritage Treatment Foundation takes pride in helping our residents gain self control over their addictive behaviour and heal the emotional and psychological problems which drive them to self medicate with drugs or alcohol.

“At first I was intimidated to go to a residential rehab; I didn’t know what to expect. It only took a couple of days for me to feel at home. The therapy has helped me stay sober for over two years now. I would highly recommend Heritage to anyone who needs help.” Marc age 37

At Heritage Treatment Foundation, drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre, we understand how difficult it is to take that first step towards addiction recovery. Often it is not just the person who has addiction problems that is seeking help. Loved ones and family members also are searching for qualified professionals to help resolve important drug and alcohol addiction issues. Heritage provides potential clients and their loved ones with guidance, expert therapy and referrals.

You are searching; and that’s a beginning. You are not alone; we will be with you every step of the way in your journey to drug and alcohol addiction recovery.

You are not your addiction. You have simply lost your way.

At the Rehabilitation Centre, our drug and alcohol treatment programs will help you discover all that you can be. and all you can accomplish!

Located a few minutes north of the US border, and one hour from Montreal, Canada, Heritage Treatment Foundation Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre offers a tranquil and restful environment to begin your drug and alcohol treatment programs. Our team has worked together in alcohol and drug addiction recovery for over five years, and will give you a personal, unique and individualized approach to emotional healing and addiction free lifestyle.

The Heritage Treatment Foundation Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre welcomes clients from Canada, United States and other countries all over the world.. Whether you are from New York, Massachusetts, Illinois, Texas, Ontario, or another province or state, your experience with our drug and alcohol treatment programs will be affordable, confidential, and safe.

The Heritage Treatment Foundation Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre is here for you. To learn more about how to begin your journey towards drug and alcohol addiction recovery, please contact us.

When you dedicate yourself to recovery from drug and alcohol addiction, we promise to fully engage ourselves to help you meet this very personal commitment.

Rehab center in illinois

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