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Oct 7 2017

Home Automation – Home Security Cameras DVRs Alarms Remote Monitors Video Surveillance Sensors for Home

# US$200,000 Offers begin at US$120,000

MONITOR YOUR CAMERAS FROM ANY LOCATION ON YOUR PC Operating on any Pentium desktop or laptop, this software dials a master transceiver at the camera location to view both full COLOR motion video and audio, making remote surveillance more practical then ever before.

Understanding the Building Blocks for Designing a Home Theater
Combining audio and video components into an integrated system to create a theater in your home is what home theater is all about. Simply stated, a home theater system is a set of building blocks consisting of a video source such as a hi-fi VCR or DVD player, a TV set (either direct view or projection type) and a separate audio system that reproduces the movie or
television soundtracks. Once you understand the basic concepts of home theater, you will see how seemingly complex
installations are simple, convenient and surprisingly inexpensive. So, whether you use a basic system or create the ultimate system, you can both affordably and easily enjoy the power and excitement of motion picture-style images and sound from the comfort of your own home.

Experience the Total Home Theater Audio System from Panasonic
Panasonic’s home theater audio systems give you the ultimate home theater experience all in one package. You can choose from two state-of-the-art systems � SC-HT230 and SC-HT270 � that include superior audio technology such as Dolby Pro Logic Surround Sound and Panasonic’s advanced 70 watt x 5 (1kHz, 8 Ohms, 0.9% THD) home theater receiver.

The Panasonic SC-HT230 combines a powerful 70 Watt x 5 home theater receiver with a built-in Dolby Pro Logic Surround Sound System, and a matched 6 speaker system. It can handle 140 watts and is magnetically shielded to create brilliant sound without creating color distortion on your TV. There’s even a dual port Subwoofer � its extra bass gives your movies extra dimension.

There’s the Panasonic SC-HT270 package for those who want a home theater system with extra bass power. It not only has a powerful 70W x 5 home theater receiver, built-in Dolby Pro Logic Surround Sound, and 6 matched speakers. Its subwoofer is independently powered by a 50 watt power amp specifically designed to create dramatic, earth-shaking bass. And everything, including TV, VCR, DVD and Home Theater Receiver, is controlled by a deluxe Universal Remote.

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DirecPC USB 21 Elliptical Satellite Dish USB External Adapter DirecPC Linear LNBF Outside Wall Mount DirecPC Turbo Internet Software DirecPC USB Adapter Card

Information Highway? Here’s the Autobahn! The speed of DirecPC is the result of using advanced satellite technology, rather than crowded computer networks and outmoded telephone systems that are constantly flooded or clogged. DirecPC downloads content from the Internet directly from the server to their satellite network and straight into the back of your PC. A constant stream of content. And the kind of Internet experience you always dreamed about but never thought possible.

Now you can even watch DirecTV Satellite Programming and have a high speed satellite internet connection. All with one 21 Satellite Dish!

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