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Sep 5 2017

Hospital Management Course and Class Descriptions #mba #in #hospital #management, #hospital #management #course


Hospital Management Course and Class Descriptions

Essential Information

Managerial positions in hospitals usually require an advanced degree. For this reason, hospital management courses are generally taken at the graduate level. Hospital management classes are part of degree or certificate programs in public health policy, health administration, health services management, or public health management.

Students in hospital management courses explore the following topics:

  • Public policy development and implementation
  • Building community relations
  • Labor laws and employee retention
  • Managing hospital finances
  • Healthcare law and privacy concerns

Find schools that offer these popular programs

  • Health Care Administration
  • Health Information and Records Admin
  • Health Information Technology
  • Health Management and Clinical Administration
  • Health Unit Coordinator
  • Health Ward Supervisor
  • Medical Administrative Assistant or Secretary
  • Medical Claims Examiner
  • Medical Facilities Management
  • Medical Insurance Billing and Coding
  • Medical Insurance Services
  • Medical Office Computer Technologies
  • Medical Office Management
  • Medical Office Specialist
  • Medical Receptionist
  • Medical Staff Services
  • Medical Transcriptionist

List of Courses

Healthcare System Management

This advanced course for students of public health covers the major areas of operations, human resource management, community relations, capital finance, physician relations and collective bargaining. Coursework often includes an in-depth study of several hospitals to examine how they function. By the end of the class, students have a comprehension of the main issues surrounding the management of a modern hospital in the U.S. and students are able to apply these concepts to healthcare settings internationally.

Hospital Finance Management

This course teaches modern managerial finance theories as applied to health services organizations. The curriculum is based on basic accounting and finance principles and seeks to convey an understanding of the major financial issues facing hospitals, such as reimbursement protocol, cost allocation, physician-hospital integration analysis and risk sharing.

Hospital Human Resources Management

Part of hospital management involves maintaining good relationships between management and labor. This hospital management course covers the basic components of collective bargaining, labor relations and labor law, focusing on the most effective practices for managing organizations, teams and individuals. Students in public health management classes learn about the dynamics of labor relations and organizational behavior theory as it applies to the performance and job satisfaction of people at various levels of an organization.

Hospital Emergency Planning

Hospitals play an obvious and necessary role during and immediately after disasters, terrorist attacks, and other mass emergency situations. Preparing for such events involves coordinating a hospital’s emergency response plan with that of the community. Topics in this class include identifying key personnel, locating additional resources to assist hospital emergency management, and identifying financial aspects of emergency planning. Hospital administrators at all levels may take this course.

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