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Aug 1 2017

How to Get Data from Crashed Hard Disk? #how #to #retrieve #data #from #crashed #hard


How to Save Data from Crashed Hard Disk Drive?

“You’ve been working on important papers from past few weeks and you are almost in a verge of finishing it. The deadline is in a few days, you save all those documents and go for a break. When you return, you notice that your computer screen has gone black. Your system reboots itself and now is stuck in the boot screen displaying a message like: “No bootable device – insert boot disk and press any key”. You try restarting the system several times, but the same message shows up.

This is an error message which occurs when a hard disk is crashed. Computer hard drive crash can be catastrophic; they can range from few corrupted files to deleting everything on a computer. Luckily, there is a happy ending i.e. with the help of data recovery software; you can successfully extract all your data back. But before going into recovery, let us see the causes for crashed hard drive.

Hard disk crash can be divided into two types depending on the reasons responsible for it, where one is physical hard drive crash and other is logical hard drive crash.

  • Physical hard disk crash occurs if there is any malfunction or faults in hard drive like read/write head crash, aging of hard drive, bad sectors, exposing hard drive to overheat, moisture, etc. Crash of hard drive due to physical or mechanical failures, usually makes the hard disk inaccessible and result in data loss.
  • On the other hand, logical hard drive crash is caused by human errors, OS malfunction, virus/malware infection, re-partitioning errors, improper formatting of hard drive or other technical reasons. After crash of hard disk due to logical failures, system becomes unbootable and entire hard drive data remains in unreadable state.

Other than crash, there are many other reasons for data loss from hard disk. Some of them include unintentional deletion of folders from hard disk, quick formatting the hard disk, malware infection on hard disk drive, OS up gradation, OS reinstallation, hardware malfunction, improper system termination, etc.

So, how to retrieve data from crashed hard disk?

You can salvage this data loss problem by using magnificent data recovery software. Yodot Hard Drive Recovery tool is one such powerful recovery program to save and extract data from crashed Windows hard drive. You can make use of this tool to salvage your data when Windows hard drive goes bad, fails to boot operating system, stops working due to any of the previously mentioned reasons. The application supports recovery of all kinds of files including music, photos, video clips, business documents, RAW images, compressed files, emails and many more. Additionally, you can get back deleted or lost data from all other storage devices like portable hard disk, memory cards, iPods, USB drives and so on. More to this, you can utilize this application to retrieve hard drive data from crashed Windows XP. Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 and Server 2003 OS based computers.

Directions to recover data from crashed hard drive are:

  • Disconnect your crashed hard drive and connect it to a healthy computer
  • Download Yodot Hard Drive Recovery software and install the application to that desktop
  • Open the software and follow the main screen procedure
  • “Partition Recovery” and “Formatted / Reformatted Recovery” options will be shown on the main screen
  • Choose the option based on your data loss scenario
  • The software starts scanning the computer and shows all logical and physical drives from the system (Including the external drives)
  • Select the external drive which indicates your crashed hard disk and click “Next”
  • Application scans your corrupt hard drive and shows all recovered data from it
  • Recovered data is displayed in two types “Data Type” and “File Type” View
  • Toggle between the two views which makes your search easier
  • Select the files and folders which you would want to recover back
  • Browse for the destination location to save your recovered files, but not to your crashed hard drive which results in overwriting


  • Don’t save any new data and avoid formatting/reformatting your crashed hard disk until you recover data from it
  • Do not try to repair your crashed hard disk drive, this might lead to further data loss
  • Defragment your hard drive to increase its performance

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