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Jun 7 2018

Insignia Over-the-Ear Wireless Headphones Black NS-WHP314 – Best Buy

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Insignia™ – Over-the-Ear Wireless Headphones – Black

Works great, but. Posted by: SteveW from: on Once properly synced and installed product works very well, will great sound quality and no lag, but the instructions could have made getting to that point so much easier. Here’s the part the instructions fail to mention. simply plug the audio jacks into the the audio output on the back of your cable provider set-top box and mute the TV. Voila. Instead the instructions show a diagram of plugging the included audio jacks directly into the TV via in the audio out ports on the TV (which my TV didn’t have) or into the RCA speaker port (which mine did have) with the RCA adapter that comes with the headphones. When I tried following the instructions, not only was the sound quality horrible on the headphones, but I couldn’t mute the TV which defeats the whole purpose of owning these. After using a little common sense I figured that the audio is coming directly from the set-top box so the audio out on the STB was where the connection needed to be made. Hopefully this advice saves any would-be-purchasers the frustration and Best Buy a returned item. They work as advertised now and I’m very happy I have them (They are very comfortable as well!)

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It serves the purpose. Posted by: CarefreeSenior from: on I’m a senior and hard of hearing consumer. I like action, sports and anything that requires an increase of volume. vibrating and pounding. against my chest! Unfortunately, my beloved wife does not share my enthusiasm. Having recently purchased a new TV and Sound Bar; my oldest daughter gave me this product to save my marriage! I’m completely happy with these headphones. an so is “Mama”.

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Super Posted by: Bill from: on They really helped me to hear TV. I have hearing loss and these work very well

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Works well, once you figure out how to hook up. Posted by: Carol from: on The owners manual does not explain how to hook up without disabling TV audio. When I called the customer service number I was connected with a very rude customer service agent. I had to find the answer myself online.

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Absolutely the best option out there! Posted by: Sari from: Houston Texas on Absolutely the best option out there! It’s wireless, and you can mute the TV and still hear on the headphones, also I can be outside and have reception. Highly recommended.

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Awesome Pair of Headphones. Posted by: smheller09 from: Bradenton FL on Just bought these today at Best Buy #1141 in Bradenton FL. Excellent pair of headphones. Perfect size for what i use them for. Primarily use them for Online Internet Radio Station

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Good Sound/Comfortable Posted by: randyadmin from: Auburn, AL on The price could be lower but this was actually the cheaper of the models and performs very well so far. Easy to use.

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Watch tv without disturbing everyone in the house Posted by: Baseball from: Albany mn on Love that my husband can watch tv with the headphones

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Adequate Posted by: Kevy from: on The headphones work consistently. But, there is static in them when you move around.

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Great for the hard of hearing Posted by: Applegirl48 from: Douglasville on I bought these for my mother who has to turn the volume up very loudly to watch television due to hearing loss in one of her ears and it often disturbs dad when he is trying to sleep late at night. She tried these the first night and was totally amazed at the quality of the sound and dad is happy because he can now sleep in the middle of the night without disturbance. Great buy!

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