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Aug 31 2018

Investing in Pink Sheet Stocks

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Investing in Pink Sheet Stocks

Earlier this week, I wrote about a group of hidden, high-quality stocks that many investors miss: pink sheet blue chips.

Today, I ll outline four reasons why these stocks present intriguing investment opportunities, and then I’ll give you one gem to buy right now.

Reason #1: Ignored by Wall Street Analysts and Brokers

Merrill. Goldman. JPMorgan. They analyze companies inside and out every day! As a result, it s almost impossible to find NYSE and Nasdaq stocks at bargain prices.

That s what makes these hidden stocks so profitable. The stocks listed in the pink sheets are NOT tracked by Wall Street s top investment bank research, and brokers are almost always prohibited from dealing with pink sheet stocks.

But that s not all.

Reason #2: Unattractive Pink Sheet Address

These stocks’ pink sheet addresses scare away many investors who are not willing to take the time to do the required research on their own.

Reason #3: Quality and Growth

These global blue chips offer you great balance sheets, quality management, and growth. Many of these companies are selling to the world s booming new middle class. The Economist predicts that by 2030, 93% of the world s middle class will reside in emerging nations, with $7 trillion of buying power.

Reason #4: Great Arbitrage Opportunities

Research by Justin S. P. Chan and Dong Hong of Singapore Management University with Marti G. Subrahmanyam of New York University shows that most foreign companies trading in the U.S. normally trade at a premium to their home markets.

But with pink sheet blue chips, international companies often trade at discount. In other words, because these global blue chips stocks trade unevenly and below the radar, they sometimes trade lower on the pink sheets than in their own countries.

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A Pink Sheet Blue Chip to Buy Right Now

It may surprise you that BMW, the world s largest luxury carmaker, is not listed on the NYSE or Nasdaq.

When BMW came out of the 2008 financial crisis, it targeted six fast-growing markets: Brazil, Russia, China, India, South Korea, and Turkey. It now leads in every one of them except Russia, where it is tied for first with Mercedes.

You might be surprised to see Turkey on this list, but the country now has twice as many billionaires as Japan and is the 16th largest economy in the world, with a population exceeding 80 million.

The company’s focus on new growth markets highlights two BMW trademarks: looking ahead and constant and steady innovation what the Japanese refer to as kaizen.

Its $100 million investment fund, BMW i Ventures, supports new partners and technologies in an effort to stay ahead of competitors and the growth curve. Its i Series cars are made of aluminum and carbon fiber plastic, giving them a range of 140 miles. The i3 weighs 1,300 lbs. less than the all-electric 1 Series at a total weight of 2,700 lbs.

One reason BMW is run with a sharp eye on the future is that 46% of its outstanding shares are in the steady hands of its strategic partners. BMW sales in America are up 11% so far this year, and the China market is even better up 25%. It’s a great pink sheet blue chip target.

Plus, there’s a reason to act right now: BAMXY is on sale, off 17% since early July and trading at about nine times earnings.

Until next time,

Carl Delfeld for Wealth Daily

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