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Aug 3 2017

Making a car donation? Michigan donors want these questions answered #i #want #to #donate #my


Everything you need to know about making a car donation – Michigan specific answers.

1. My Michigan car donation doesn’t run – can I still donate it?

Absolutely, we are glad to accept your donated vehicle whether it runs or not. Even if your car donation doesn’t run, Michigan donations are all towed free of charge – usually within 24 hours. Just fill out the simple form to the right – we’ll usually call the same day to schedule your free pickup.

2. Can I donate any other kind of vehicle in Michigan?

Yes. Though most people help our local Michigan programs by donating a car, we will accept nearly any kind of vehicle. In the past people have donated anything from boats and golf carts to an actual submarine. Whatever kind of vehicle you want to donate, 100% of the money from your donation stays with Volunteers of America to support community based programs for the homeless, children at risk, veterans and the disabled.

3. Do you take donated boats in Michigan?

We may be called Cars Helping People, but your donated boat can help people too. From fishing boats to sailboats, ski boats cabin cruisers or yachts, the money we raise from donated boats will help people in Michigan get a new start on life.

4. Who will pick up my car or truck?

When making a car donation, Michigan residents can trust that we have a trusted towing partner near you. Our towing partners are professionally licensed, bonded and insured. From Iron Mountain to Sault Saint Marie, from Mackinaw City to Monroe our courteous towing partners will be there to pick up your donated vehicle, usually within 24 hours. And the best news – it won’t cost you a penny.

5. How quickly will you pick up my car?

No matter where you want to make a car donation, Michigan donors can expect free pickup within 24 hours in almost every case. We’ll work with you to schedule a towing time that is convenient for you.

6. Do I need to be at home when the tow truck arrives?

No. As long as the vehicle is not blocked-in. Our representative can guide you through securely signing the title over to Volunteers of America, and placing it in the vehicle for our towing partner.

7. Do you give me a receipt when you take the car?

Yes, our towing partner can leave you a temporary receipt, showing that they have picked up the vehicle for Volunteers of America.

8. Do I have to pay for towing, or any other expense?

No, the towing is absolutely free. Plus we also provide free tax receipts for your car donation. Michigan charity tax receipts are mailed to you the very next day, in most cases.

9. What areas in Michigan do you pick up donated cars?

Almost anywhere in Michigan. Whether you live in the city or out in the sticks, if our tow truck can get there, we’ll be there to pick up your vehicle.

10. What if I don’t have the title to my vehicle?

We will need a title to the vehicle. However, we’d be happy to pick up the vehicle without the title, and you can mail us the title within a week or so.

11. How do I sign the title over to Volunteers of America?

Basically, the only two lines we need completed are “Signature of Seller” and “Printed Name of Purchaser”. You are considered the seller, and you can print “Volunteers of America” as the purchaser.

12. Will my car be used by a low-income person?

In Michigan our Cars Helping People program inspects vehicles and prepares them for purchase on our Pontiac lot, where we give a special discount to low-income people.

13. Will my car be sold as scrap?

It depends on the condition of the vehicle. If it runs, it is likely that we will sell it on our lot or in an auction. If it doesn’t run we may fix it up or sell it for scrap. No matter what the condition of your car donation, Michigan donations to Volunteers of America help support vital local programs right here in Michigan.

14. What should I do with my old license plate?

When making a car donation Michigan residents should take the license plate off the car and either keep them or return them to your local Secretary of State office.

15. What if my car doesn’t pass state inspection?

Don’t worry, we can still tow it away.

16. There is an abandoned car in my area. Can I donate it?

17. A relative in Michigan died and left me a car I don’t want. Can I donate it?

Yes. Our representative will explain the process.

18. How large will my tax deduction be?

  1. The value of your vehicle up to $500. It is up to the donor to determine the fair market value.
  2. The amount we sell your vehicle for – if it is more than $500.
  3. If your vehicle can be used in our Cars Helping People program, you may claim the Private-party Fair Market Value. Please ask our representative.

19. Do you accept property donations in Michigan?

Yes we do. Please give us a toll free call at 877-721-4862.

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