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Aug 14 2017

Mobile Security Best Practices #mobile #device #management #best #practices


BlackBerry SHIELD

How Does an IT Security Team Keep Pace While Avoiding a Serious Incident?

  • High expectations of a perfect user experience
  • Diversity of devices and environments
  • Complex security risks, including work and personal use of the same devices
  • Impatient internal and external stakeholders
  • Constrained IT resources, money and expertise

Good News: You Don’t Have to Figure It All Out Yourself

There is a tremendous amount of mobile security expertise already available throughout the industry and within the BlackBerry Security Team. Our team has 15+ years of experience with mobile device security best practices. We’ve taken that knowledge and combined it with other industry leading mobile security best practices frameworks to create the most comprehensive and effective mobile security best practices framework.

  • Device security policy management
  • Security administrator controls
  • OS integrity and malware controls
  • Encryption (at rest, in transit)
  • Authentication
  • Data leak prevention
  • Secure communications and content protection
  • Application security
  • Availability

Administrative Controls – Process, Procedures and Documentation

  • Mobile Device Lifecycle Management
  • Application security
  • Organizational security structure
  • Security configuration change management
  • Risk assessment
  • Security incident and response
  • Governance/HR and Legal
  • Security awareness training

Mobile Security Best Practices Assessment Report

Following the assessment, a one-page report summarizing the key security gaps will be provided, as well as an assessment worksheet that itemizes each of the almost 100 controls. This worksheet can then be used by the organization to track any efforts on fixing the identified issues.

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