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Aug 15 2017

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mock up pics of bathroom vent pipe

ok i was told in another thread to post up pics when i wsa getting ready to glue things together. so here are the pics. i will be replacing all the older yellow pipe with new pipe so this is purely to make sure what i am GOING to do is correct. and yeah i know i need to do more work down at the main out to the septic. i just want to make sure i’m on the right path here. all i had to go by was advice from a couple people on here and what was already there. the sink drains i will be replacing with 2 instead of the current 1 1/2 even though i never had a problem with slow drains even on the current 1 1/2 anyway heres the pics. please comment on anything that appears strange or wrong. i’m a rookie at this so bear with me.

Re: mock up pics of bathroom vent pipe

Author: smellslikemoney (AL)

In the second pic. i see a ptrap on the 2 . whats connecting to the wye fiting on the 2 closest to me in the pic? Also in the 1st pic whats going to connect to the empty hub on the 4×2 san. cross above the tee you have for the toilet?

Re: mock up pics of bathroom vent pipe

well after MANY email back and forth last night. i was set striaght on what i need to do and i’ve got a good portion of it completed. i’m adding a second vent stack to vent the kitchen and bath sinks. i will be reventing the bath sink into the kitchen vent stack up in the attic. the washer and sink drain into the main out to the septic. the washer is behind the sant T from the toilet in it’s own sanT and has a fullsize cleanout in the back of it. and the sinks drain into the main in front of the toilets san T. it’ll be nice to have a good workign drain system in this house finally.

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