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Mar 6 2018

Open Source Collaboration Software Platform

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  • Why Digital Collaboration
  • Solutions
    • By Function
      • Solutions by Function
      • Human Ressources Attract, develop and retain talent through better employee experience
      • Internal Communications Engage your employees, manage your knowledge and break communication silos
      • Information Technology Modernize your systems, protect your investments and reduce costs
    • By Industry
      • Solutions by Industry
      • Governments Administrations
      • Financial Services
      • Healthcare
      • Consumer Goods Services
      • Industrials
      • Technology Telecoms
      • Education
      • Non-Profit
    • Learn how Digital Collaboration can help you transform your business.
  • Software Tour
    • Digital Workplace
      • Digital Workplace
      • Company Intranet
      • Collaboration Platform
      • Project Management
      • Knowledge Management
      • Document Management
      • Social Intranet
    • Digital Experience
      • Digital Experience
      • Customer Extranet Engage your customers through a better digital experience
      • Community Management Build, develop and leverage your communities
      • Partner Portal Support, enable and inform your partners
    • Platform Technology
      • Platform Technology
      • Platform Architecture
      • Interoperability Standards
      • Mobility
      • Enterprise Ready
      • Open Source
    • We Transformed Our Digital Customer Experience
  • Pricing
    • Product Pricing
      • Product Pricing
      • Professional Edition
      • Enterprise Edition
      • Enterprise Plus Edition
      • OEM Edition
    • Enterprise Services
    • Cloud Hosting
    • We Transformed Our Digital Customer Experience
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Digital Collaboration Platform

For Growing Teams and Large Enterprises

  • Engage and empower your workforce
  • Transform your employee experience
  • Harness your company knowledge

The Key to a High-Performing Organization Is Interdepartmental Collaboration

Traditional intranets are dedicated to top-down information sharing. Unfortunately, they do nothing to help your employees get things done or to connect your distributed teams. As a result, they remain unused and fall short of unifying your organization around common goals.

With our open-source digital collaboration platform, you can transform your organization into a united, innovative, efficient force to help reach its full potential.

Collaboration is certainly a great benefit. This intranet is the biggest tool in our arsenal to tackle that issue.

Vincenzo Onorati
VP of Digital Marketing,
In Demand

Transform your Organization through Better Collaboration

eXo Platform builds bridges between employees, tools, and information

Connect your teams

Connect your employees and provide them with the tools they need to work together.

Connect your tools

Unify your business applications into one modern user-centered hub.

Connect your knowledge

Streamline your communications and centralize your company knowledge .

Learn how Digital Collaboration can help you transform your business

Enhance your organization’s potential

eXo Platform helps change agents transform their organizations

Human resources

Transform your employee experience for an engaged, empowered workforce.


Drive employee engagement and modernize your digital customer experience.


Modernize and unify your systems while leveraging your existing investments.

eXo Platform: Full-Featured Open-Source Solution to Kick-start Your Collaboration

eXo Platform is an all-in-one open-source digital collaboration platform that provides knowledge, document and content management, social engagement, and project collaboration tools integrated into your business’s applications.

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