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Jul 29 2017

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Welcome To The Legal Center MOBILE SITE Orlando Bankruptcy Attorney

Orlando Elder Law Attorney

Our focus in Elder Law is assisting people prepare for getting the care they may someday need and protecting their hard earned assets.

Orlando Bankruptcy Attorney

Changes in health, employment, marital status, or the economy are the main reasons people have to file bankruptcy.

Filing a bankruptcy can be a complicated, life changing process. It doesn t have to be terrifying. Many clients tell me the sense of relief began at their first consultation.

At our first consultation I will explain the steps involved and answer all of your questions so you know your options and what to expect. See The Steps to Filing a Bankruptcy for more details.

Unlimited Free Consultations

I want to make sure all of your questions are answered so you can make an informed decision about bankruptcy. Call for a free consultation. If I m not with a client, I ll speak with you immediately. If I am with a client or in court, you will be offered a free office or phone consultation. There is no limit to the number of free phone consultations.

Experience Matters

When it comes to bankruptcy and foreclosure, an experienced attorney can really make the difference. I have been an Orlando Bankrutpcy Attorney working in the field of consumer bankruptcy law for over 25 years helping people through the bankruptcy process. Many of the attorneys that advertise heavily have only been doing bankruptcies a short time. Always ask about an attorney s experience.

Important News: Principal Reduction of Home Mortgages

It is now possible to modify mortgages and in some cases reduce principal in a Chapter 13. The Modification Mediation program has a 75% success rate! Call for a free consultation to see if your mortgage qualifies.

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