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Aug 31 2018

Penelope Trunk Careers, career in it.#Career #in #it

career in it

Career in it

You know you re in denial when your bio still says you live a thousand miles from where you really live. That s pretty much where I am right now. Read more

The reason therapy doesn t work

Career in it

My brothers are always the first people to send an email to say I misinterpreted research that I m linking to. (Which I accept as a love note to let me know they read my posts.) So last week when my brother sent me a link he thought I d like, he also sent me a summary: Read more

The best personality type game I ve ever played

Career in it

Last week I announced that I m discounting my coaching sessions from $350 to $150. I have never discounted sessions in the ten years that I ve been coaching, but I decided to do it because I need to stick to a sleeping schedule and I thought if I schedule coaching calls to wake up and go to bed then I ll get a schedule. Read more

I finally found the secret to waking up early

Career in it

Now that I am finally writing again, I m so excited to tell you what s been happening. And I have all these pictures I took, thinking, this will be good for the blog. But then I didn t write anything. Read more

Are you having a break or a breakdown?

Career in it

So often in my life I have felt like I m failing when I ve actually been taking a break. After college I had various odd jobs and every night I read books. I read a book a night for a while. I used to ignore that part of my story glossing over it and skipping from college graduation to professional beach volleyball. But the late-afternoon reading that slipped into late-night reading was my break. Read more

An ode to my top commenter

Career in it

For a while, when I was pregnant and blogs were still new, I was the top commenter on my blog. And of course, every post I write is sort of an ode to me, or at least an ode to the current diatribe-colored glasses I m wearing. So there was no need for a shout-out. Read more

How to cope with the need for external validation

Career in it

The reason I m not homeless after basically taking a year off from writing is that I have been doing a lot of coaching. I say career coaching, but honestly, no one over 30 has a career problem. All problems that look like career problems are really something else. Read more

My fascination with resilience starts with 9/11

Career in it

After the World Trade Center fell, those of us who were there were divided into therapy groups. Sorted by trauma. People who lost a parent in one group. People who escaped down a stairwell in another group. I was in the group of people who got hit by flying body parts. Read more

I am so sick of my advice

Career in it

In the Mailbag section of my site I answered a question from a woman who is worried about becoming financially dependent on her spouse if she doesn t work. Read more

My son was accepted to Juilliard!

Career in it

This is my son on registration day at Juilliard. We are so excited.

But not surprised.

That s what happens when you work this hard. You are not surprised. Read more

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