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Jul 26 2017

PICC Line Training Including Live and Online PICC Classes, Mobile PICC Service Team, PICC Qualification,


Raising the Bar In Vascular Access Education and Care:

Since the company started in 2003, PICC Resource Associates, LLC has offered PICC, IV and other vascular access education to clinicians from all over the country. We are both an IV continuing education company and a mobile PICC team service. Our class workshops and online classes receive outstanding reviews, and our list of education offerings is growing. Our current training programs include: PICC Line and Midline insertion classes, traditional IV insertion classes, Central Line, IV, and PICC Line care classes, and both phlebotomy for nursing, and full phlebotomy certification classes. Click here for our current brochure. OR Read more.

Our high tech nursing PICC team services Connecticut facilities within all practice settings. Services include PICC Line and Midline insertions, Peripheral Short IV catheter insertions, and Vascular Access care and troubleshooting interventions. Click here for more info on our mobile PICC and IV Team.

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