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Dec 7 2017

Police officer careers

Lifelong adventure in every part of Canada and around the world

The RCMP offers an exceptional career, letting you make a real difference in your community and your country. No other police force in Canada provides the levels of services and variety offered by the RCMP, as well as opportunities for continued learning and growth.

Open on a silhouette of RCMP officers in Stetsons crossing in front of a cloudy blue sky.

(Announcer: We wear it with pride.)

Cut to quick close ups of a bridge seen from below and flashing police lights, then an RCMP patrol officer shutting his squad car door and putting on his cap.

(Announcer: We wear it because it stands for justice…)

Cut to extreme close ups of the RCMP dress uniform. Cut to a female police officer in civilian clothes showing her badge as she arrests a suspect. Cut to close up of handcuffs closing on the suspect’s wrists, and then hands pulling drug-filled bags from a suitcase as the suspect looks on. Cut to an RCMP coastal watch officer standing on deck at dawn. Cut to a female patrol officer gazing out over a snowy landscape. Cut to close ups of RCMP officers in dress uniform doing marching drills.

Cut to an RCMP coastal watch officer pulling a speeding Zodiac up to a dock. Cut to a female patrol officer putting on her cap.

(Announcer: … protecting those in need.)

Cut to three RCMP motorcycle police officers accelerating down a highway. Cut to an RCMP forensic identification specialist taking photos and gathering evidence at a crime scene. Cut to RCMP officers in dress uniform, in silhouette, galloping past on horseback. Cut to an RCMP police dog and handler rushing toward us.

(Announcer: We’ve been keeping communities safe since 1873.)

Cut to an RCMP VIP protection officer standing in front of a limousine. Cut to RCMP Emergency Response Team members advancing, rifles ready. Cut to close ups of the RCMP dress uniform. Cut to an RCMP boat speeding toward us. Cut to an RCMP diver poised to enter water, and then swimming underwater. Cut to a close up of female RCMP officer in dress uniform. Cut to an RCMP helicopter speeding past. Cut to an RCMP officer in dress uniform putting on his Stetson and looking at us.

(Announcer: A uniform with your name on it is waiting for you.)

Describer: Cut to the Horse & Rider logo.

Describer: Cut to the Canada wordmark

Music: Canada sound byte

Who are we?

We are a specialized team that works together to keep Canadians safe. We welcome men and women of all backgrounds. Diversity in our workforce gives us an enhanced understanding of cultural issues and helps us provide a balanced approach to problem-solving, which lets us work even closer with the communities we serve.

What do we do?

As an RCMP police officer, you will help ensure public safety and security, investigate crimes and enforce the law.

With over 150 different types of operational and administrative opportunities to choose from, our police officers have enough variety to ensure a career full of growth and adventure. Here are just a few of the specializations we offer: General Duty Policing, Forensic Identification, Drugs and Organized Crime Investigation, Financial Crime, Emergency Response Team, Integrated Border Enforcement Team, National Security, VIP Protective Service, Police Dog Services, Marine Services, International Peace Operations, Explosives Disposal and dozens more.

Some of the duties of a police officer:

  • Enforce the law
    • Apprehend criminals
    • Respond to alarms, disputes and complaints
    • Conduct patrols by vehicle, by foot or by bicycle
    • Enforce highway and traffic laws
  • Conduct investigations
    • Collect evidence at crime scenes
    • Interview suspects and witnesses
    • Investigate accidents and crime scenes
    • Testify in court
    • Collect notes and reports
  • Ensure the safety and security of the public
    • Respond to emergencies
    • Provide assistance to victims
  • Community awareness and relations
    • Prevent crime
    • Uphold police-community relations and multiculturalism

What does the work involve?

Policing is a 24-hour-per-day necessity. You should expect to work shifts, including nights, evenings, weekends and holidays.

Be prepared to serve anywhere in Canada. Consideration will be given to posting preferences; however, postings depend on the Force’s needs. With hundreds of detachments across the country, police officers have the chance to experience life in many parts of Canada and work at different levels of policing – municipal, provincial and federal. The usual duration of a posting is from three to five years.

  • Carrying a firearm and use of force

    Whether you intend to pursue a long-term career as a police officer or specialize in a different field of law enforcement, during the period of your work as a police officer, you will be expected to carry a firearm and use it or any other force necessary to restore order and safety.

  • Exposure to trauma, violence and disturbing events

    Reality is that as a police officer, you will be exposed to trauma, violence and disturbing situations. But it’s important to remember that you are there to help, to provide protection and support in difficult times. Just as it’s important to maintain your physical health, it is critical to maintain mental wellness throughout your life and we have programs in place to teach you how to do that, and to provide any support needed.

    While many of our police officers choose to continue in general duty policing, later in your career you may have the desire and opportunity to transfer to more specialized areas of policing. There are many different types of operational and administrative opportunities available within the RCMP.

    Need more?

    Becoming a police officer starts with training .

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