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Apr 7 2018

Recover, repair, restore, access and manage important data

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Recover, repair, restore, access and manage important data

Corrupted File Repair and Data Recovery

24/7 solutions for repairing corrupted files and recovering files from storage devices.

Dozens of utilities to repair any file type imaginable: Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other Microsoft Office files, corrupted photos and pictures, personal email and finance see complete list and get your recovery underway now.

OfficeRecovery Online cloud service is available for repairing dozens of popular file types instantly online.

Use MediaHeal utilities to retrieve files trapped on a corrupted storage device.

Get your data management need approached professionally on an individual basis.

Free utility to recover deleted files, including those removed from Windows Recycle Bin.

OfficeRecovery provides utilities for data extraction from dozens of email, database and office productivity application file formats. Our specialty is recovering information from corrupted storages that cannot be accessed by their designated applications. We are also proud to outperform manufacturer-provided repair utilities in many cases of heavy data corruption.

At the website you will find software tools to restore lost emails and mailboxes, repair corrupted databases, fix damaged Office documents and retrieve files from crashed hard disks and flash drives.

Being an integral part of a well-executed disaster recovery strategy, OfficeRecovery software is also effective in daily non-emergency data management, such as finding and extracting information from offline databases and email storages.

Email and SharePoint Management

Data Recovery Services – Worldwide Locations – In-Lab

OfficeRecovery offers industry leading and unique cloud based online data recovery / repair as well as offline data recovery software made to repair a wide range corrupted files but the out of the box software approach is not the last resort in successfully repairing your data.

We recommend and are partnered with SecureData Recovery Services to provide our customers custom data recovery solutions for repairs outside of the scope of our data recovery software.

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24 Hour Service Hotline

Use a simple online form to set up a new case to get started with consultation.

SecureData Recovery Services specialized in Remote, Complex and Custom file repairs as well as In-Lab Data Recovery Services for hard drives, servers, ssd and removable media.

If you are experiencing File Corruption or Data Loss on a Database or a File stored on any Server, Hard Drive, SAN, NAS or Removable drive contact us to go over your options.

SecureData recovery engineers and software developers will create a custom recovery or repair solution to get your data back fast. Same day services are available.

Emergency File Repair for Office and Home

Use the product reference below to locate a solution for your urgent case of data corruption. Each product comes with a thorough description and an instantly downloadable demo version.

It is recommended to always use the demo first to get an overview of how the full version will perform on a particular set of data.

Expect some data loss on corrupted files. For instance, this can happen when areas of an input file are completely overwritten with random data.

If the demo results prove to be promising, our 24×7 ordering system with instant delivery is available here and now!

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