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Apr 13 2018

Reviews of Teamgate: Free Pricing – Demos: Customer Relationship Management Software

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About This Software

Teamgate is an Inbound Sales CRM app that offers you all lead generation and sales management functions. Your business will benefit from powerful insights, implemented SmartDialer and a wide API connection range. Award-winning for its ease of use, Teamgate is the only Sales CRM for fast-growth service businesses helping them to connect, research, present and close more inbound leads with a guaranteed increase in success rate.

Features Checklist

  • Call Center Management
  • Campaign Management
  • Contact Management
  • Customer Support
  • Document Management
  • Email Marketing
  • Interaction Tracking
  • Landing Pages / Web Forms
  • Lead Management
  • Lead Scoring
  • List Management
  • Marketing Automation
  • Product Catalog
  • Project Management
  • Quotes / Proposals
  • Referral Tracking
  • Survey Management
  • Territory Management

Product Reviews

Pros: Ease of use and track-ability

Cons: Inability to change out filters on dashboard

Overall: Amber and the TeamGate customer service team have been top notch in helping us sift through the myriad of CRM tools available on the market. One of the biggest selling points for us is that the software is currently on build 20+. This shows that they have the attention to detail and drive to listen and react to their customer base and it shows. We have been extremely pleased with both the support and functionality. They are quick to let you know that they are not the perfect solution for all industries, but that they will do everything in their power to make their software the perfect fit for your individual needs. Very impressed and looking forward to continuing the relationship.

Recommendations to other buyers: Would like more flexibility on the dashboard and the data shown there. Would like ability to add contacts to deals

Comments: We started to use Teamgate parallel to our endeavors to organize and systematize our sales process. Setting up the sales pipeline, sales goals and most importantly following a lead through the stages of our partnership is quite a task on its own for a young startup. In addition to the well-known initial hurdles of getting to know your customers, it is quite important that all actions done to get you down that road are carefully measured and annotated. With that said it does not matter how good of a plan or a protocol you set up is if it is not applied with certain ease and automation in the daily work of the whole chain from the management team to the sales force. Teamgate allowed us to utilize our sales process and gave us the much-needed overview of our insights into our leads and customers resulting in an agile and effective realization of the goals set. With that, it empowers us on our path of changing the veterinary medicine with stem cell treatments. Teamgate team offered their support professionally and with kindness through all the hick-ups on the way and we would recommend the software to all startups thinking of a measured leap forward in their business.

Pros: clear interface
easy to use

Cons: cannot call back history deleted
cannot have conversation with others

Overall: Teamgate CRM is very easy to use and we’re so happy to see our data in the system are so clear which helps us a lot when following up with our clients

Recommendations to other buyers: I suggest expand functions of the system like auto-save our data in case sometimes we accidentally delete our data which we are still in need. And open a conversation box which can include all users of our company to talk in the box anytime or share something with other users.

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