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Sep 7 2018

Sound Recovery Center: Tacoma Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Serving Washington State

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World Class Drug and Alcohol Treatment in Washington State

Located in Western Washington and serving Puyallup, Tacoma, and the Pacific Northwest, Sound Recovery Center is a Washington State treatment center that provides a nationally acclaimed drug and alcohol rehab program for those struggling with substance abuse issues and chronic relapse. Many times families have given up on their loved one because they have not responded to traditional 30-day treatment. Sound Recovery s alcohol and drug rehab is based on the individualized needs of the client on a performance-based model. Outcome studies show that clients who suffer from chronic relapse have a much higher success rate when they attend 90-day treatment.

Life skills coupled with compassionate client-centered care is the hallmark of our high success rates. Nine of 10 clients complete our program and then enter our aftercare program. Time coupled with our affordable price is unparalleled in the treatment industry. We also accept most major insurances for treatment of your loved one. We believe in what we do. And 100% of our staff shares the miracle of recovery personally in their own lives.

Sound Recovery s Holistic Approach to Rehab

If you re suffering from an addiction, you re likely dealing with an array of life struggles. At Sound Recovery, we take a holistic approach to your sobriety. We employ a variety of techniques and therapies, aimed at improving you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Our holistic drug treatment approach addresses all parts of your life to promote overall healing.

Physically, your body will be healed from the rigors of addiction and the stresses that accompany it. Your emotional and mental state will be free from the trauma your addiction has caused. Your spirit will be rebuilt, giving you purpose again and direction for your future healthy life of sobriety.

Sound Recovery s Patient-Centered Addiction Treatment

We know each client comes to Sound Recovery with their own set of struggles and underlying issues. That s why we don t employ a cookie-cutter approach to your treatment.

  • We work with you to develop a customized drug treatment program that addresses your unique situation.
  • During your stay, this plan will be reviewed on a regular basis to ensure it s promoting your recovery in the most beneficial way possible.
  • When you re a part of our long- or short-term drug rehab, you ll experience one-on-one support from our caring, empathetic, and highly trained staff.
  • You ll have individual therapy sessions every week.
  • Based on your needs, sessions may include cognitive behavioral group therapy, life skills, and long-term life coaching.

Get the help you need now! Call us at (877) 874-5768 if you or someone you know is suffering from drug or alcohol addiction

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