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Aug 17 2017

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Sport Franchise Opportunities for Sale

Trends and Facts About Sports Franchises

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In striving to find work-life balance, many people are putting more priority on leisure time and activities to counterbalance long hours in the workplace. Sports and athletics can help individuals manage stress levels and stay healthy. At last estimate, 4.5 million adults in the UK are members of gyms, meaning many prefer specific activities and sports to general gyms. The comraderie and activeness of sports for children and adults can be very appealing.

Recent reports from the BBC show that running is becoming increasingly popular in the UK, with more people training for marathons and choosing to run more casually for fitness. This means they may not join a gym, as they prefer to exercise outdoors. To supplement their runs, many turn to sports. It is estimated 50% of UK adults have partaken in a sport within the past month. Sport England reported ath 15.8 million English residents over age 16 played a sport weekly. The participation levels in sports has been increasing, with weekly participants up by 1.75 million over the past decasde, especially with the emphasis on eating healthy and engaging in physical activity to combat the rising levels of obesity and disease.

Chidren’s sports franchises are growing exceptionally well, as parents are concerned about growing childhood obesity trends. Teaching children the importance of staying active through sports is of great importance. Parents are willing to invest money into the health and well-being of their children, so the market for children’s sports franchises stays consistently strong. Sport England is pushing an initiative to help children find a sport they love, so there may be an increase in the number of children looking to try out a variety of sports.

The UK and Europe have long favored soccer as their sport of choice, but popularity among other sports is increasing. Cycling, running, and water sports are all on the rise. Golf also draws a huge following in the UK; golf has the potential for a big payout, as the sport itself is very expensive, given that golfers must have golf clubs, balls and access to golf courses in order to play.

The market for sports franchises remains robust and ripe for investment. Consider joining a sports franchise today.

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