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Jun 14 2017

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Greenwich/Stamford Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you face criminal charges, your immediate freedom and long-term future may be at stake. You can’t go to court on your knees with your lawyer asking the prosecutor What can you give me?

I am criminal defense attorney Mickey Sherman, and I will go to court with you armed with more than 40 years of experience trying the tough cases as well as the not-so-big cases. I am on a short list of criminal defense lawyers who judges and prosecutors know will go the distance and GO TO TRIAL if that is what is needed to effectively represent clients. That credibility allows me to get you the best plea agreement when that is appropriate.

I am acutely aware of that black cloud that sits above your head and that of your family. I appreciate the perpetual nausea you experience after being arrested and you’re suffering through the long and painful journey through the criminal justice system. I know all of this because I’ve been there myself!

Criminal defense is not a 9-to-5 business. I’m available to you at all hours of the day, every day of the week. Call 203-542-9597.

In this Internet age, your arrest and plea or finding of guilty seems to stay with you forever. I will do my damndest to ensure that you will not have to look back and second-guess your decisions. I will not con you into taking the easy way out by pleading guilty if a trial or further patience may be what is required to lessen the impact that your arrest will have on the rest of your life.

A Notable And Highly Regarded Fairfield County DUI And Drug Defense Attorney

I am a Greenwich criminal defense attorney whose innovative courtroom techniques have been the subject of articles in The New York Times, The National Law Journal, The American Lawyer, Time magazine, Vanity Fair and other publications.

Some of my more notable cases have been featured on national television shows, and I have been a regular commentator for over 20 years on legal matters for a number of broadcast channels, including MSNBC, CNN Headline News, CBS, Fox News and TruTV (formerly Court TV). I was the CBS News legal analyst (nationally) for four years.

In addition, I am a published author, most notably of the 2008 book How Can You Defend Those People? The book is a candid account of my legal career that gives readers an all-access backstage pass to not only the sausage factory that is the criminal justice system, but also the big cases that we have all watched play out on TV. The book has been optioned by Academy Award-winner Barry Levinson, with a view toward a TV miniseries, movie or HBO production.

I am thankful for the success I have enjoyed, but it has resulted in a prettiest girl at the dance dilemma. Because I have enjoyed a high profile through hard work and good fortune, it leaves many people with the mistaken impression that I no longer practice criminal defense locally or that my fees make me unattainable to represent them.

I might be on TV a lot, but the next morning I can usually be found waiting in line outside the local prosecutor’s office ready to discuss the DUI or disorderly conduct or marijuana case I am handling. I am acutely aware that it is not important to be on CNN, but it is
immensely important to focus on my clients who are terrified about their future. In other words, in my world, there are no small cases.

The role that led to my success is what I love doing most — defending individuals from all walks of life against criminal charges and minimizing the impact that those charges have on each client’s life. I continue to represent individuals in state and federal courts throughout Connecticut and elsewhere in a full range of criminal cases at extremely reasonable rates.

Whether you face drunk driving charges, assault or a more serious federal crime. I welcome the opportunity to bring the creativity, knowledge and dedication to preparation that has served me well as a lawyer for more than 40 years.

Don’t be caught shorthanded if your freedom is on the line. Call the Law Offices of Mickey Sherman at 203-542-9597 or use my contact form to schedule a free consultation. If nothing else, I will review the facts of your case and provide a straightforward assessment.

203-542-9597 Available 24/7

I May Be On TV A Lot But I Am Still A Nuts-And-Bolts Criminal Defense Lawyer Available To YOU 24/7.
Call me today.

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