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Sep 13 2017

Essential Magic #magic, #magic #decks, #magic #the #gathering, #magic #the #gathering #search, #card #search, #search

# Welcome To Essential Magic! Essential Magic is the premier location for maintaining your collection, your decks, and your favorite combos. Input your collection of both real life and online cards into our vast database, and check the latest prices. We have over 20,000 cards, 460,000 decks, 30,000 combos, and 80,000 registered users in our database, and we are confident you will find everything you need to improve your Magic: the Gathering game. And best of all it is completely FREE! What more could you ask for? Latest and Greatest. The latest set Hour of Devastation is now in our …

Aug 4 2017

SQL Server Data Tools for SQL Server 2014 #sql #server #data #tools, #sql #server #integration

# SQL Server Data Tools for SQL Server 2014 Q: I just installed SQL Server 2014 and I don t see SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT) or Business Intelligence Development Studio (BIDS). Where do I find the new SQL Server Data Tools for SQL Server 2014? A: For some inexplicable reason, Microsoft stopped shipping SSDT with the SQL Server 2014 installation media even though the tools that are part of SSDT are required for creating business intelligence (BI) projects. To makes things even more confusing, Microsoft split the older SSDT toolset into two new versions of SSDT. There is one …