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Jan 6 2018

Auto Attendant Phone System Comparison

#small #business #phone #system #with #auto #attendant # Phone System With Auto Attendant An auto attendant phone system will allow calls to your business to be transferred to the correct extension without a human operator. The system answers any incoming calls and then provides your customers with a menu of choices. So, in effect, your customer will hear: ‘for sales press 1, for accounts and billing press 2’ and so on. This means only the correct member of staff will answer a call, thereby saving your employees time and giving the customer the impression that they are reaching a larger …

Aug 13 2017

On Hold Telephone Marketing, Music, Voicemail Services #automated #attendant #system

# Professional messages, music, and greetings for your telephone system since 1987 The Right Music The right music has a powerful impact on a caller’s perception of your business. We take care of the required legal licensing. The Perfect Voice Female or male, cheery or educational, our professional voice talents are the perfect solution to reflect your company image. Custom Scripts Experienced scriptwriters create copy that speaks to your caller, the solution for a positive customer experience. Excellent Support From consultation to production, each staff member will exceed your expectations. Playback Options Playback equipment or .wav files for VoIP systems …