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Aug 13 2017

Advanced real time intraday and option trade tool #integrated #tool #has #18 #utility #software,fully #data

#Integrated Tool Features. A. 18 utility software fully data automated for intraday trading, advanced option trading, and trend reorganization. B. It has the tool to do the in depth option Greek analysis and CURRENCY OPTION ANALYSIS TOOL. C. It has tool to generate the buy sell levels based on dynamic volatility concept. D. It has tool to calculate the option premium in different time interval (i.e. option positional trade). E. It has advanced Gann tool like dynamic Square of nine, dynamic square of 12 tools for intraday trade. F. It has advanced Fibonacci tool like parallel projection tool, Fibonacci cluster …

Jul 30 2017

Business Intelligence: How Your Business or Organsation can rapidly benefit! #business #intelligence,bi,decision #making,business #strategy

# How to Rapidly Apply Business Intelligence (BI) to Maximise Performance! Business Intelligence (BI) – what is it about! Why have folks had little success with it! Why have others had a rip roaring success? You are probably sitting on a ‘gold mine’ of terabytes of data and information that would help you meet your business strategy and objectives. your dreams! There are two main causes of frustration and lack of success: BI Software is complicated to use – needs experts to configure – and takes over a year to get going on average BI is not tied into or …