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Sep 21 2017

Candy Bouquet Small Business Franchise Opportunities, how to franchise a business.#How #to #franchise #a #business

# Candy Bouquet (Since 1989) – A delicious alternative to flowers A Delicious Small Business Franchise Opportunity. If you have done even a little research into starting a small business franchise, you’ll notice one thing: the set-up fees are enormous. It’s like you need to be a millionaire before you even start. Not only do you have to comply with mandated store locations and layouts, strict operational guidelines, and high royalty fees – you pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in franchise fees to do so. Candy Bouquet is different. With minimum investment, you can start your own Candy Bouquet …

Sep 14 2017

Franchise business loan #franchise #business #loan

# Franchise BREAKING DOWN ‘Franchise’ Franchises are a very popular method for people to start a business, especially for those who wish to operate in a highly competitive industry like the fast-food industry. One of the biggest advantages of purchasing a franchise is that you have access to an established company’s brand name; meaning that you do not need to spend further resources to get your name and product out to customers. History of the ‘Franchise’ The United States is the world leader in franchise businesses and has a storied history with the franchise business model. The concept of the …

Aug 31 2017

State of Delaware – Division of Corporations #corporations, #limited #liability #companies, #franchise #taxes, #uniform #commercial

# State of Delaware – Search and Services/Information IMPORTANT UCC Paper Filing changes. Please click here for details ISO 9001Certified Main Menu Forms, Fees and Services More than one million business entities take advantage of Delaware’s complete package of incorporation services, including modern and flexible corporate laws. our highly-respected Judiciary and legal community, a business-friendly government. and the customer-service-oriented staff of the Division of Corporations. You can also stay current on Delaware Corporate Law and explore more reasons why you should incorporate in Delaware.More Site Footer

Aug 17 2017

Sports Franchise Opportunities #sports #franchises, #sports #franchise, #recreation #franchise,

# Sport Franchise Opportunities for Sale Trends and Facts About Sports Franchises Related Sports Franchises Articles In striving to find work-life balance, many people are putting more priority on leisure time and activities to counterbalance long hours in the workplace. Sports and athletics can help individuals manage stress levels and stay healthy. At last estimate, 4.5 million adults in the UK are members of gyms, meaning many prefer specific activities and sports to general gyms. The comraderie and activeness of sports for children and adults can be very appealing. Recent reports from the BBC show that running is becoming increasingly …