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Aug 17 2017

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# Welcome to the MSE Forums Forum Social Team Did you ever find the answer? I’m in the same situation. I’ve just been speaking to my insurance company, who haven’t been able to give a categorical answer. Whether it’s covered by existing buildings insurance appears to hang on whether they choose to define domestic garage as non-business use or within the physical curtilage of the dwelling house . The person I spoke to said they’d probably be able to insure it separately if it isn’t covered by my house policy, and it would probably cost about �10 pa to do …

Aug 13 2017

Car Donation Free Vacation – Donate boat #veteran #car #donation, #donate #cars #free #vacation #car

# donate car enjoy a free vacation – choice of hotel or cruise – plus tax benefits! Car Donation Free Vacation donate car Valued Over $500! Every vehicle donation you complete with us, you will receive a voucher allowing you to choose from 3 different deluxe vacation packages! This offer is not connected with any timeshare seminar or sales pitch! where can i go on vacation? Choose from thousands of vacation spots, cruises, hotels or even both on the same vacation! As our gift to you for your generosity, you may take advantage of some exciting free vacation opportunities with …

Jul 23 2017

Travel Insurance, Travelers’ Insurance, Travel Health Insurance, Medical Travel Insurance, International Travel Insurance #travel #insurance,travelers’

# Travel Insurance * Insurance coverage is provided to all travelers listed on the plan. ** Coverage for travel delay requires a delay of at least 12 hours before coverage will go into effect. This plan includes a Trip Cancellation for Any Reason Benefit Cancel for Any Reason is included on all policies if you meet the following requirements: your payment for this coverage is received within 24 hours of the date your initial deposit for your Trip is received; and you are not disabled from travel at the time the you pay your premium; and you have insured 100% …