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Sep 30 2017

Planters, Flower Pots, Window Boxes and Plant Containers #planters, #outdoor #planters, #flower #pots, #square #planters,

# Planters, Outdoor Planters, Steel Rectangular and Square Planterss Cityscape Collection Traditional and Modern Styles and Shapes An industry benchmark in durability for commercial projects. Manufactured in the U.S.A. and constructed of a high-density (1/4″ thick) non-breakable proprietary resin. Large planters, in stock, ship on the next business day.20 Year-interior or exterior construction and workmanship warranty. Neometrics Delano Bowl Planters Original beautiful minimal art designs. Structurally exceptional, featuring double wall construction. Most planters, in this collection, have discrete narrow surface ridges (horizontal contours). Subtle one and two tone speckle color schemes distinguish this modern collection. Fusion Collection Tapered Column Planters-Set …

Sep 6 2017

Health Sciences Campus – City of Kitchener #city #of #kitchener, #kitchener, #kitchener-waterloo, #waterloo, #k-w, #city

# UW Health Sciences Campus The University of Waterloo (UW) is creating a knowledge powerhouse in downtown Kitchener’s Innovation District with the downtown health sciences campus – one of North America’s most innovative and robust teaching and health-care facilities, as well as a strong engine for creativity, innovation, prosperity – and jobs. Anchored by the UW School of Pharmacy and McMaster University’s Waterloo Regional Campus of the Michael G. DeGroote School of Medicine, and also featuring: The Centre for Family Medicine Family health team UW’s School of Optometry clinic The City committed $30 million of our $110-million Economic Development Investment …

Aug 13 2017

Advanced real time intraday and option trade tool #integrated #tool #has #18 #utility #software,fully #data

#Integrated Tool Features. A. 18 utility software fully data automated for intraday trading, advanced option trading, and trend reorganization. B. It has the tool to do the in depth option Greek analysis and CURRENCY OPTION ANALYSIS TOOL. C. It has tool to generate the buy sell levels based on dynamic volatility concept. D. It has tool to calculate the option premium in different time interval (i.e. option positional trade). E. It has advanced Gann tool like dynamic Square of nine, dynamic square of 12 tools for intraday trade. F. It has advanced Fibonacci tool like parallel projection tool, Fibonacci cluster …