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Sep 1 2017

Take a Hop – Space-A Signup Server #afb,air #force,air #force #hop,air #mobility #command,amc,app,apple,billeting,dependent,deployed,dod,space-a #travel #applications,dod


Please pass any further issues (and terminal e-mail address changes) to Rob G .

Use of this site indicates your agreement to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy below.

The site manager of (an Air Force veteran) highly respects the privacy rights of its uniformed services online visitors. Your personal information, including e-mail address, will not be knowingly shared with anyone other than the terminal in question. After confirming your signup request, e-mails are generated and all personal information is deleted from this server. E-mails are only stored temporarily and locally, and purged, at the latest, at month’s end. (Any new users requesting references in this regard can refer to my fellow members of Dirk Pepperd’s Space-A Message Board where I trust you’ll find adequate confirmation.)

Fine print: this service is provided free and as a convenience to eligible DoD space-available travelers at the user’s own risk. The development and maintenance of this signup server is soley an effort of personal commitment occuring during free time. Donations are not required, but are accepted and appreciated in any amount, if you find value and wish to contribute toward its continuing existence. (For tax purposes, it is not a registered charity and donations made are not tax deductible .) The site manager and domain owner expressly disclaim any potential liability associated with the use of this service. Do not use this or any other similar private service to sign up for space-A if you are concerned about sending your info via the Internet. This form (just like your own private e-mail) is sent over open communications channels. Some providers (such as ATT, SBCGlobal and AOL) do not always properly deliver (or sometimes disable links in) e-mails. If you experience trouble due to this type of problem, please try utilizing another e-mail provider with this service.

By utilizing this web site, you acknowledge and agree to the foregoing stipulations.

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