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Jun 13 2017

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ADT’s monitoring has a proven track record for more than a century of helping families, homes, and businesses stay safe and secure. ADT uses some of the most advanced technology to monitor your home, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
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You may think personal jets and a different designer handbag for every day of the month signal wealth, but when summer comes along, you realize the true definition of wealth is being able to run your air conditioning all day, every day. Staying cool isn’t cheap. But luckily there are ways to have a fun, climate-controlled summer without having to take out a loan. If you’re looking for ways to cut summer energy costs, look no further! We’re here to help you keep cool, while saving big bucks. 1. Seal up loose frames. The cold air coming out of your air conditioning unit is a hot commodity during the summer. Don’t waste it by neglecting worn out weather stripping on doors and windows. Even doors that have warped and don’t sit tightly in their frame can let cold air out of the house, forcing your air conditioning to go into overdrive. Walk around your house and check the weather sealing on every door and window. Redo it with caulking if you have to. You may think one window isn’t a big deal, but having several Read more

Everybody is a little checked out during the summer. The heat makes it hard to focus and the nice weather just makes you wish you were at the beach. If you’ve got kids, they’re on vacation and it feels like the day’s responsibilities are just slightly more relaxed. People are outside, the sun is shining and food is on the grill! Your friends and family may let you off the hook for being a little more relaxed during the summer, but burglars won’t. In fact, they count on your defenses being down. Don’t let them get the better of you this summer! Pay attention to your home security so you can go on enjoying summer without a care in the world! 1. Monitor people going in and out. Everybody enjoys the outdoors more during the summer. Your children may go in and out of the yard, alternating between playing on the swing set and going to the kitchen for a drink. On pool days, people will be going between the pool and the house a lot. It’s easy to just leave doors Read more

Garages are easy targets for burglars because they’re not usually a homeowner’s main point of focus as far as security goes. Typically in the back or to the side of a home, garages are also often shielded from the view of neighbors and onlookers. High-quality locks and screens aren’t usually intended for garage doors, making this a vulnerable point of entry for your property. Often, people use their garages for storage, storing sometimes expensive or highly valuable items there. Do everything you can to prevent entry through your garage, which can also help protect the rest of your home from unwanted burglary or break-in. 8 Security Tips to Help Prevent Garage Break-Ins 1. Put security cameras above your garage. Put visible security cameras above your garage doors. Since there is typically only one or two entrance points to a garage, one or two cameras should be enough to scare a burglar off. They shouldn’t be able to enter your garage without passing right under those cameras. 2. Activate motion sensor alarms on the doors. Should a burglar find a way to hack Read more

Some parents dread their kids’ teenage years the most because that’s when children start to gain their independence, going out more with friends and developing their own opinions. But the toddler years can be even scarier because your little one can find trouble to get into in every corner of your home. Though your child is in your home under your watchful eye, it’s easy to think there isn’t much to worry about. But you’d be surprised to find out just how many hazards there are right in front of you that can pose a significant risk to your little ones. Though there are risks in everyday items, there are steps you can take to help mitigate this danger. Moving household items, locking them away or ensuring they are out of reach can be enough to keep your little ones safe from harm. Take a look at these common dangers and think about what you can do to child-proof your home as your little ones learn to stand, walk and explore. 1. Low Shelves If the bottom shelf on a set of shelves sits low to Read more

Have you ever stayed in a hotel or visited someone’s home and thought, “This door just feels flimsy?” Actually, you were probably onto something! A flimsy door is a burglar’s favorite door. A lot of people assume the door is the last thing a burglar will try—that they may try to get in through a less conspicuous area like a back window. But if a burglar can tell you have a flimsy door, you’re making their job a whole lot easier. It doesn’t actually have to be that way! Don’t make your home an easy target – fortify your doors with these simple tips and rest a little easier tonight. 1. Leave Doors Unobstructed Don’t set up deck furniture or tall potted plants in front of your doors. You want your neighbors and onlookers to have a clear view of your doors—this will make a burglar wary about breaking through them. 2. Protect Sliding Glass Doors Sliding glass doors inherently make your home vulnerable. They’re essentially giant windows through which burglars can survey a large portion of your home. So first Read more


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