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Oct 13 2017

University of Minnesota Twin Cities #minnesota #window #companies


University of Minnesota Twin Cities

“I am driven to give opportunities to the next generation—to kids—to have a shot to succeed. It has been a joyful experience to be a student. I want to open the doors for all of the talent that is out there.”

José P.
Doctoral Student in Quantitative Measurement

“I find inspiration from activists in my community who, in the wake of social injustices, choose everyday to lend their voices to those who’ve gone unheard.”

Lydia N. ’17
Sociology: Law, Criminology, and Deviance

“I co-founded an LGBTQ-focused student group in the Carlson School of Management. I wanted to create spaces that I need, and that other people need, that didn’t already exist when I came here. Having a university like this, with the resources, the people, and the diversity to make some of those things happen, has been really awesome.”

Nick A. ’17
Management Information Systems +++ Political Science

“My dad had cancer when I was little, so I watched how music helped him through his treatment. After graduation I would like to do music therapy with children with cancer, and also work with families dealing with the grief and diagnosis process.”

Jasmine M. ’17
Music Therapy

“My advice to other students is to get involved. It makes a big university feel small. Making those connections inside and outside of the classroom is great. There are so many different clubs and organizations, so you’ll definitely be able to find your fit.”

Jennifer S. ’18
Business and Marketing Education

“We can advance cultural understanding and health for all.”

Zineb A. ’17
Neuroscience and Spanish Studies

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